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How To Avoid Fiverr Scams? Things To Look For Before Placing Orders

Is Fiverr a scam? If anyone has ever used a freelancer’s service then they must have heard about Fiverr. It’s one of the topmost websites to find freelancers for various types of projects. The website has monthly visits of over 30+ million and a gazillion number of agreements are made between the employer and a freelancer. It makes things so easy when you as a business owner wants to get things done quickly and within a fair budget. Fiverr fits perfectly well in this scheme of things.

But hold on, things aren’t that straightforward as there are a pile cases where people are scammed in the name of services on this platform. So, in this article, we will delve deep into this issue and keep you safe from Fiverr scams that can really hurt you and your business.

How To Avoid Fiverr Scams? Things To Look For Before Placing Orders

So here are different ways by which you can make sure that you’re not swindled on Fiverr.


  1. Fraud Email Marketing Ad Gigs


On Fiverr, you’ll find profiles that claim thousands of subscribers on their email list. They will offer you services that sound too good to be true. For example, telling you that you’ll reach as many as ten thousand of their subscribers and have a greater reach. If you’re looking to promote a book, you might find this ad too tempting. But wait, think for a moment that whether such a service really exists in the first place on Fiverr.

No doubt such services are legit in the market, email marketing still has a lot of followers and it sometimes works better than other strategies. But be careful on Fiverr for these offers. As many are fake. You need to enquire such ads on a much deeper level before you order it.

So, how can you avoid these scams on Fiverr? Simple, make sure that the seller already has a niche website that you want to target. If you send out mass emails, it will definitely end up being trash or spam. Be diligent with your investment as the loss could go much higher than expected. You’ll not only lose your money but also the respect in the eye of your consumer. Finally, if the service provider isn’t from your niche don’t bother going forward with what is on offer.


  1. Suspicious User Profiles 

Here is another category of scams that abound on Fiverr. These types of fake profiles or substandard services will have telltale signs such as bad English or vague service details. You got to smell a rat from far away. With some precautions, you’ll definitely be able to that. Don’t rely on profiles that use broken English if your specifically using services for the English audience.

It’s not to say that you need to avoid non-native speakers but look deep into their profiles. See if they have a good enough backing for what they claim. Check their reviews and past experience. If you look for a cheap service you’ll end up with below-par performance and it may dent your business forever. So, do your own due diligence as negligence can cause you irreparable harm. Additionally, you should also note how active the service providers profile is. If the jobs completed are consistent and on time, you can safely try out their service.


  1. Avoid Fake Negative Feedback


This can happen both to the seller and the buyer of the serivce. Once you’re done with your work on Fiverr, you’ll be rated by the freelancer. Sometimes, it so happens that the service provider rates you negatively. It can have severe reputation effect on your profile, leading to high-ranking freelancers avoiding your work. So, as soon as it happens, you need to contact Fiverr’s staff. It usually takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to clear the issue.


Meanwhile, the seller is also sometimes on the receiving end. It so happens that competitors deliberately leave negative reviews and ratings to pull down a trending freelancer. Algorithms are quick to catch such downgrading and remove the best player from the top ranks. It then pushes the competitor’s ads on top. Freelancers can avoid this by contacting the Fiverr staff and let them know about the situation. Normally, if the work is unsatisfactory, there’s an option for modification. Such planned acts don’t go through modification requests and simply denigrate the ratings.


  1. Other Important Trade Tricks


An important lesson in life is learning from others mistakes. That is exactly what we are going to do in this section. People who have used Fiverr on a consistent basis have their part of golden nuggets to share and keep you safe from Fiverr buyer scam.


Remember as this platform works its way up from $5 for a task and adds on the price as you use added services, you have an opportunity to test the waters before going neck deep. We would highly recommend you to use this occasion as a guiding torch that will alert you before any mishap.

Filter scam artists. This is highly important as you would need to analyse some of the proposals that are detailed and polished. Ask some questions to the sender of the proposal and gauge the response. How fast they are responding and are they providing more info, above all are they comfortable to do so. Any hiccups from their part should ring bells in your ears. It’s all about staying ahead of your scammers, beating them in their own game.

Undermining the rating on Fiverr is probably a good idea to avoid scams. This website can’t be trusted with the ratings as there are workarounds to boost ratings and to pull it down. Also, the freelancer platform has no signs of fixing this issue for now. So, ditch the ratings and use other methods mentioned in this post.

Sharing is caring. Do you know what is the greatest weapon in this world? It’s knowledge, it can liberate the downtrodden and can alter the path of the future. So, when you share this article with your friends and family members, you make sure more and more people will know about these online scams. The more the merrier. This way we can reduce the rip-off that takes place on Fiverr. And make it an awesome place both for the employer and the freelancer like it’s meant to be.

We hope that the above article was of good use to you. At first, it’s overwhelming, but you’ll definitely get the hang of it. Please do come back for more such informative articles in the future. Also, if you have some suggestions or topics to be covered then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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