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How to Add Linktree to TikTok

How to Add Linktree to TikTok

In today’s digital world, it’s essential to streamline and make the most out of every platform you use. If you’re a TikTok user, whether a creator or a business, you’ll find this guide on how to add Linktree to TikTok invaluable. Not only will we walk you through the process, but we’ll also touch upon why it’s a game-changer for TikTok enthusiasts.

What Is Linktree

Before we dive into how to add Linktree to TikTok, it’s crucial to understand what Linktree is and how it can be beneficial for you. Linktree is a platform that allows users to create a single page with multiple clickable links. Think of it as a digital hub for all your important URLs. Instead of choosing just one link to display on a platform, Linktree provides an easy and aesthetic solution to showcase multiple links under a singular umbrella.

Why You Should Use the Link in Bio Feature

TikTok, like many other social platforms, has limitations when it comes to sharing external links. You get just one ‘link in bio’ slot. So, what if you have multiple essential links? This is where the beauty of Linktree comes into play.

  1. Multiple Links: Instead of picking and choosing, why not share them all? Be it your blog, online store, other social profiles, or a recent YouTube video; Linktree allows you to display it all.
  2. Customizable Design: Make your Linktree resonate with your brand. Customize its design, themes, and button styles to match your persona.
  3. Track Clicks: Linktree isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about analytics. Understand your audience better by seeing which links they prefer.
  4. Stay Updated: Instead of changing your bio link continuously, just update your Linktree. This ensures your TikTok profile remains consistent while your audience can still access your latest content or offers.

Who Can Add a Link to Their TikTok Bio

Navigating the world of TikTok, with its rapidly evolving features, can be daunting for many users. One of the most sought-after features, especially for creators and businesses, is the ability to add a clickable link in the bio. But the question remains: who can actually add a link to their TikTok bio?

Historically, TikTok allowed only a select group of users to benefit from this feature. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Verified Accounts: Just like other social media platforms, TikTok provides blue tick verifications for certain profiles, ensuring their authenticity. Initially, these were among the few who had the privilege of adding a website link to their bios.
  2. Popular Creators: Those who amassed a significant following and regularly produced trending content also found themselves among the lucky ones. TikTok recognizes creators who have a substantial impact on the platform by enabling certain features for them, and adding links to the bio was one of these perks.
  3. Business Accounts: Understanding the potential of TikTok as a marketing tool, the platform introduced business accounts. These accounts, geared towards brands, businesses, and influencers, are designed to provide more functionalities, such as insights and the ability to run ads. One primary feature that business accounts get access to is the ‘link in bio’ feature, which is essential for driving traffic to external sites.

However, the landscape is continually changing. Due to increasing demand and in a bid to make the platform more user-friendly, TikTok has been gradually rolling out the ability to add links in bios to a broader audience. This is a move aligned with TikTok’s strategy to compete more effectively with platforms like Instagram, which has a well-established ‘link in bio’ culture.

How to Add Linktree to TikTok

Harnessing the power of both Linktree and TikTok can give you an advantage in this digital age. TikTok is a platform bursting with creativity and engagement, but its limitation of a single ‘bio link’ has been a challenge for many. Enter Linktree, a tool that allows you to share multiple links through just one URL. So, how can you combine these two platforms for maximum impact? Let’s delve into how to add Linktree to TikTok:

  1. Setting Up Linktree:
    • If you haven’t already, first, you need to set up a Linktree account. Navigate to the Linktree website and sign up.
    • After signing up, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. Here you can customize your Linktree by adding the links you wish to share, rearrange their order, and personalize the appearance to resonate with your brand or personal style.
  2. Copy Your Linktree URL:
    • Once you’ve tailored your Linktree page to your satisfaction, it’s time to get the URL. On your Linktree dashboard, you will see a URL that’s typically in the format “”.
    • Click on the ‘Copy’ button next to this URL to copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Add Linktree to Your TikTok Bio:
    • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile by tapping on the ‘Me’ icon at the bottom right of the screen.
    • Tap on ‘Edit profile.’
    • You will see a field labeled ‘Instagram/Youtube’ and another one labeled ‘Website.’ The ‘Website’ field is where you can paste your Linktree URL.
    • Tap on the ‘Website’ field and paste your copied Linktree URL.
    • Once added, make sure to tap ‘Save’ or the equivalent option (depending on any app updates) to confirm your changes.
  4. Test It Out:
    • After saving, it’s a good idea to test the link to ensure it redirects your TikTok followers to your Linktree page correctly. Simply tap on the link in your bio, and it should open your Linktree in a browser or in-app window, displaying all the links you’ve added.

By following these steps on how to add Linktree to TikTok, you’ve effectively expanded the potential of your TikTok bio. Now, instead of being restricted to one link, your audience has a doorway to multiple destinations, be it your latest blog post, a new YouTube video, an online store, or any other content you wish to share.

Remember, the digital world is always evolving, and it’s tools like Linktree that help bridge the gaps left by platform limitations. Stay updated, stay connected, and ensure that your audience always has a clear path to all your content.

How to Display Your TikTok Profile and Videos on Your Linktree

Utilizing Linktree to showcase your TikTok content can help drive traffic and engagement to your videos. It can also help new audiences discover your content, especially if you promote your Linktree on other platforms. So, how can you efficiently display your TikTok profile and specific videos on your Linktree? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Log In to Your Linktree Account:
    • Start by accessing your Linktree dashboard. If you haven’t logged in already, navigate to the Linktree website and sign in.
  2. Prepare Your TikTok Profile and Video Links:
    • For your TikTok profile: On the TikTok app, go to your profile, tap on the three dots (settings/menu) on the top right, and find the option to ‘Copy Profile Link.’
    • For specific videos: Navigate to the video you wish to share on Linktree. Once there, tap on the ‘Share’ button (an arrow symbol). From the options, select ‘Copy Link.’
  3. Add Your TikTok Profile Link to Linktree:
    • Back on your Linktree dashboard, you’ll see an option to ‘Add New Link.’
    • Click on this and paste the link to your TikTok profile in the URL field.
    • For the title, you can add something engaging like “Check out my TikTok profile!” or simply “My TikTok.”
  4. Display Specific TikTok Videos on Linktree:
    • Similarly, after copying the link of a specific TikTok video, head to Linktree and click ‘Add New Link.’
    • Paste the copied video link in the URL field.
    • For the title, be descriptive so visitors know what to expect. For instance, “My Latest Dance Challenge!” or “DIY Home Décor Tips.”
  5. Organize Your Links:
    • Linktree allows you to rearrange the order of your links. Decide on the hierarchy of what you want your visitors to see first. Perhaps you want to highlight a specific TikTok video at the top of your Linktree or place your profile link at the beginning for broader discovery. Simply drag and drop links in your Linktree dashboard to organize them.
  6. Customize for Better Engagement:
    • Enhance visibility and click-through rates by using engaging thumbnail images for your links, especially for specific TikTok videos. Some thumbnails can give a sneak peek into the video’s content, piquing the interest of visitors.
    • Additionally, using consistent branding and color schemes can make your Linktree look more professional and appealing.
  7. Regularly Update Your Linktree:
    • As you create new, engaging TikTok content, regularly update your Linktree. Highlight trending videos or important announcements to keep your audience in the loop.


Combining the capabilities of TikTok with Linktree offers users a versatile and efficient way to maximize their online presence. By integrating Linktree into your TikTok bio, you provide followers with a gateway to explore multiple facets of your brand, content, or offerings, transcending the limitations of a single bio link. The steps provided on how to add Linktree to TikTok are straightforward and can be the catalyst for boosting your cross-platform engagement. In this digital age, optimizing the way you share and promote content is crucial, and with tools like Linktree at your disposal, you’re equipped to navigate the digital landscape with agility and effectiveness. So, whether you’re a creator, influencer, or a business, leverage the synergy of TikTok and Linktree to reach and resonate with a broader audience.


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