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How much disk space and bandwidth do I need for my website

In this this article you will get the answer for how much disk space and bandwidth do i need for my website. Here’s the details.

Disk space is referred to as the amount of storage in a computer system. It could be defined in various forms, sizes and functions. They are represented in bytes- Kilobytes, megabytes, Giga bytes & terabytes with each unit, 1024 times larger than the previous one. Your allocated disk space when it comes to web hosting depends on the hosting tariff plan you have opted for.

In web-hosting convention “Disk space “focuses on the amount of hard disk, physical or virtual assigned to a client by this host. Space is allocated based on your sites content. For instance if your website hosts hefty images and videos automatically the disk quota increases. Whereas for websites hosting documents and other mixed files a moderate disk space fits the bill.

However, at face value being at the users’ seat it is extremely tricky to know the exact space required for hosting a website seamlessly but yes there can be some estimation made based on data, facts and assumptions (in some cases).For instance, you can draw a fair idea of the space required by hosting the same files on your local hard drive. In case if you are using the windows explorer, then finding the total space occupied is matter of seconds.

How much disk space and bandwidth do I need for my websiteIn most cases the same amount of space would be required to host these files on the server as well. But before finalizing the space size you need to consider the future plans for the site as well. So that you can plan your resources accordingly. Thus it is recommended that you should have some spare space for the expansion plan of your website.

You should select a host which gives you the leverage of some extra space in case if it becomes necessary for you in future. One of the important thumb rules is to purchase at least 50% extra than what is required by you.

Please make sure that you are not confused with the two words Bandwidth and Storage. As space allows you to store different kinds of files which are not at all visible on the site to the visitors but do play an initial or important role at the backend for the functioning of the site.

Some of the essential backend files which are stored on the sites are of PHP, database and CGI files. Some other files such as css and java script (which are referred as external) files also needs to be stored. So based on these factors estimate the disk space you might require. We wouldn’t be pointing out a definite number as it varies from site to site.

You may use this formula to find out the data usage per month

[Size of your website in KB (per page) + graphic files, images embedded] * [number of visitors you expect each day (available from site stats) * number of pages each visitor will hit] * [Total days in a month] = Bandwidth consumption per month
Based on this formula you can find out the total bandwidth consumption in KBs (Kilobyte) first and simultaneously convert it to MBs if that is the unit followed by your provider.

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