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How Many Followers Make You an Internet Celebrity? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


How Many Followers Make You an Internet Celebrity? Number Might Surprise You!

Image Credits: Flickr 7UPLAGI MEDIA ASPIRASI

You might believe that you need a substantial number of followers on social media to become an internet celebrity. Far from the truth, the real number isn’t what you’re imagining right now. It’s not 1 million, not even 100k. It’s just 30,000. Yes! According to the latest report, UK ad regulator considers you an internet celebrity if you are at this magic figure of 30,000. So, if you plan to become an influencer, all you need is get around this figure. Starting with a niche isn’t a bad idea after all. The ruling was made in a case that involved the promotion of a pharmaceutical product by an influencer who has 32,000 followers. The laws in the UK ban celebrities from promoting such products. The ruling made it clear that anyone with minimum 30,000 followers is deemed a celebrity and will face the same restrictions. Link.



Android and iOS Are Making A Killing With Thier App Stores!

Image Credits: Sensor Tower
According to the latest findings from Sensor Tower, both the iOS and Android app stores are raking in huge profits from apps. Though it’s not increasing as fast as the previous year, still it’s noteworthy. For example, Android apps brought in a total of $14.2 billion in revenue for Google. Meanwhile, iOS apps made Apple richer by $25.5 billion. These figures are for the first half of 2019. Interestingly, iOS apps have higher consumer spend vs the Android users. Link


Exodus of US Firms’ Manufacturing from China Unstoppable? As Predicted

Major US firms are planning to move out their production units from China to elsewhere. The target countries are Indonesia, Vietnam, and maybe India. But it’s definitely not going back to the US. So, does it also mean that the US-China trade war will continue for an unforeseeable period? Link.



Amazon Can Be Held Responsible For Third-Party Product Defects, Court Rules

Image Credits: Mein Deal

In an unprecedented ruling by a federal court in the US, Amazon can be held liable for defective third party products sold on its e-commerce website. This ruling might turn out to be a serious blow to the company. Previously there have been similar instances where Amazon won the cases in its favour. However, this is different. No comment from Amazon yet. Link.



Google’s Waymo Can Now Start Testing Self-Driving Cars With Real Passengers

Image Credits: Waymo Facebook

Waymo is the self-driving cars subsidiary of Google and it has achieved a shot in the arm. Waymo can now test its rides with real passengers in California. The official permit comes with limitations. Waymo will operate within a certain area. Also, the passengers will come from a pool of employees and their family or friends. The license will expire by 2022. Link.


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