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How Faster Internet can Improve Your Business Productivity

Slow internet is not just a drag for your home network, but it can be even worse for your business. All businesses in the modern world must have a reliable online presence to stay relevant, which means if your business’s internet is slow, your business’s customer satisfaction is also going to be slow.

Slow internet can happen for a variety of reasons, so you will need to get to the bottom of any speed issues that you might be having. If you are not convinced how faster internet can impact your business, we will explain it further so that you can understand.

Quick Customer Support

Just as businesses are relying on the internet for sales and communication, so are their customers. Customers will use the internet to ask questions, complain, and order. As a result, your support team will need to be sure that they are completely accessible to respond to live chats, incoming emails, and even answer the phone. Your connection must be reliable if you want to deliver the level of customer service that your customers really deserve.

In a world where we expect instant gratification, your customers will expect instant responses and if your internet is slow, you will not be able to deliver. Hopefully, you have Gigabit internet service set up and are already using the recommended router for Gigabit internet.

Your Suppliers/Vendors/Connections

The second way that a slow connection can impact your business is that you might have trouble connecting with those you do business with. This could be suppliers or vendors that help keep your business up and going. If you are not able to place orders on your side, you are going to find yourself in trouble.

To have positive relationships with vendors, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with them. Your vendors need to be able to hear from you quickly and clearly to help your business out.


What business only does one thing at a time? Slow businesses are the only answer. You will need to be able to juggle every facet of your business without having any kind of unnecessary slowdown. You need an internet that will be able to keep up with the speeds that you really need from it. You need to be able to process sales at the same time that you respond to customers. If your internet cannot handle that, you need to upgrade as soon as possible.

To stay afloat in the modern world, your business needs to be able to do every task as efficiently as possible, which often means doing many tasks at the same time. Your internet needs to allow this to happen for you. Through quick internet, you can tackle many jobs, without any part falling through the cracks because of an unnecessary slowdown.

Your Team Needs to Work Together

Another question that will arise when it comes to fast internet is whether your team can effectively collaborate. If they cannot use a shared storage device or cloud, then the entire enterprise will be less efficient than it could have been. This type of collaboration really requires a fast connection in order for you to pull it off.

When your team can fully collaborate on the same project, you will see that they are able to get more work done quicker with everyone working together. Projects will get done faster and have better quality control, resulting in a better customer experience.

How to Speed it up

It might sound good that you need to have faster internet, but what can you do about it? You can do many things to improve the speeds of your internet. The first is to look at the plan that you have with your ISP. If you are a cable subscriber, do you have a DOCSIS 3.1 device? You should, because it is the latest technology and, as a result, the best cable type that you can get.

Fiber internet is the fastest type around, but it is not always available to everyone. Many of the major ISPs have a fiber option now, but that only works if you live in a city. If you do have the choice to move to fiber, you will find that it is the fastest option.

Beyond making sure that your ISP is decent, you will need to make sure that the device that you are using is up-to-date. Modems can become obsolete quickly, making your internet not as up-to-date as you might want it to be. You will also want to make sure that there are no unnecessary devices hooked up to your network because they will always drain the speeds from what you should be able to expect.

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