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7 Easy Ways To Triple Your Work Productivity at Home

Today the COVID lockdown has left employees struggling to improve their work productivity within the confines of their homes. The overbearing pressure of meeting daily targets amid the casual and informal ambiance of their home is becoming too daunting. Pampered by the unbridled freedom, the most diligent employees to are finding tough not to veer into unproductive activities; be it doing an impulsive Google search on several distractive topics like how to screenshot on Mac, getting engrossed in social media or gossiping with family members for long hours.

As changeling as it is to keep the discipline and motivation high while working from home, keeping the productivity level high is just as important. Not just for the sake of keeping bosses happy but also for keeping the jobs of employees safe during these testing times of economic downturn. Therefore, for resolving this conundrum overwork productivity, we bring some simple yet highly useful tips to triple work productivity at home.

1. Become An Early Riser:

It is simply too tempting to keep lounging on your bed when you don’t have to go to your office and confront your boss. But even the laziest employee cannot wish away the fact that waking up early is good for our productivity, just as it is a known fact that most successful people are habitual early risers. However, if getting out of bed is still a challenge then remember that your unforgiving boss is just one phone call away. Even getting roughed up by boss on a call is still a scary proposition for most employees and this should do the trick for defying your sleep and shoot up your productivity.

2. Dress Up Like You’re Going To Office:

Once you rise early and take a bath, don’t straight away get into your pajamas. Instead dress up like a pro, as if you’re actually going to the office. The idea of working from your home in a professional attire may sound a little too silly. However, this unconventional tact can help you in getting rid of the informal ambiance of your home and get you into serious work mode. Remember the overwhelming casual ambiance of your home can act like a trap that can stifle your productivity. But by dressing up like a pro, you can cope with this trap much better.

3. Convert your desk into a small office:

It barely takes an effort to convert your desk into an office-like-cubicle and recreate that professional environment that today most of the employees are sorely missing. This is, of course, just a unique way of bringing your office a little bit closer to your home. But blurring the lines between these two unlikely worlds will have a telling impact on your productivity. So get rid of all the distractions on your desk, clean it up, and make it look hygienic & neat and scribble your daily targets on a sticker and keep it nearby your desk. In a nutshell, if you’re missing office for the sake of productivity then why not double up your desk into an office.

4. Reduce Noise Pollution With Ear Muffs:

Those irritating and uncontrollable noises brimming across your home all day is one of the biggest culprits for your low productivity. While stopping all noise oriented activities in your home is nearly implausible, reducing the noise intensity is very much in your hand. With the help of noise-canceling earmuffs, all those jarring noises can indeed be canceled to a great extent. The net result is that you’re concentration remains intact and you’ll be relieved to see your productivity zooming up.

5. No Roomies Allowed (Not Even Your Family Members):

While working from home try practicing social distance bit more intensity by keeping all your friends and also family members out of your room (at least, when you’re working). By restricting their entry in your room you’ll be only helping yourself since you’ll be shutting out all those aimless conversations and gossip-mongering that invariably always ends up taking a toll on your productivity.

6. Do Everything Possible To Keep Your Motivation High:

Working from home needs serious motivation, after all, it isn’t easy to work while isolating yourself in a room. The need for motivation is even greater for people who are not inherently self-motivated. So, what do you really do? Well, how about going to YouTube and playing a motivational video or listening to the latest podcast of your favorite motivational speaker or reading simple motivational quotes. And if nothing else works, turning to meditation and ‘silent prayers’ is also a nice idea.

7. Take some time for recreation:

While focus and discipline are important irrespective of where you work from (home or office), taking some time for yourself can actually help in revitalizing your energy. Therefore, don’t forget to take short recreational breaks of 15-20 times, at least once or twice every day. Watch your favorite series, listen to music, or have some light-hearted conversation with your family members. These refreshing activities go far beyond than killing your boredom, they actually help in regaining focus and stimulating our mind.

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