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How an IBM Power9 Processor Can Boost Company Performance

The revolutionary IBM Power9 Processor is taking the world of computing by storm. Designed to deliver high-speed performance for heavy workloads, IBM Power9 Processor has a long history of success in the high-performance computing (HPC) markets. Furthermore, it has an advanced chip and core architecture that facilitates higher throughput and superior performance.

IBM Power9 technology is engineered to streamline your service delivery, automate disaster recovery, and improve your uptime and configurations. A notable characteristic of the IBM Power9 Processor is that organizations of all sizes and industries, including the banking, healthcare, and retail sectors, can depend on its unparalleled I/O subsystem technology.

With its diverse functionality, the Power9 processor has been particularly pivotal for businesses nationwide. Should you choose to harness this powerful machine in your daily operations, it can be a complete game-changer.

Are you hoping to launch your business to new heights? When purchasing an IBM Power9 Processor, consider a Linux Enterprise Server like this. When merging the benefits of a Linux Enterprise server and an IBM Power9 processor, business executives can enjoy boosted reliability and reduced costs for servers, workstations, and mainframes. Not to mention, the Linux Enterprise Server is still compatible with desktop computers.

Perhaps you’re still toggling between an IBM Power9 Processor or alternative platforms. Whatever processor you decide to incorporate into your business, carefully weighing each options’ unique pros and cons should be non-negotiable. For those in need of a nudge, here’s how choosing an IBM Power9 process can completely revolutionize your company in terms of productivity and efficiency

Enhanced security

IBM Power9 Processor is designed with high-end technology to offer companies unmatched security. To insulate your business from costly security breaches, the IBM platform comes equipped with various security features, including firmware and operating systems. Both will ensure your business remains protected against security threats that could compromise highly-sensitive information.

The architectural design of this platform also regulates access to information by restricting users to particular actions. Having control over who can access what information can help safeguard your company’s sensitive data and minimize malware attack risk. What’s more, IBM servers promote sophisticated event logging and comprehensive auditing abilities. IBM also seeks to quickly address any emerging threats or vulnerabilities that can affect company performance.

Faster and more flexible services

Whether you’re running the IBM Power9 processor in the cloud or your data center, an IBM solution provides lightning-fast and flexible technical support at a low cost. In fact, the IBM Power9 processor outranks other systems like Windows, flavors of UNIX, and Linux in technical support by a landslide.

For those readers still not convinced, the IBM Power solution also offers a wide range of applications that provides data encryption and security monitoring, communication, and file transfer features. Additionally, it runs enterprise applications such as JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Infor XA, and SAP and plays a critical role in business continuity, high performance, and disaster recovery and management. IBM also helps in analytics applications and managing business intelligence. Allowing businesses to run at optimum speed in the race against their competitors.

Increased reliability

IBM Power solutions are flexible and developed to respond to your unique demands in a crisis, i.e., a security breach, unexpected downtime, etc. A recent report by the ITIC Global Server Hardware Reliability confirms that IBM applications provide you with excellent on-site infrastructures.

Reduced costs

Although IBM Power9 has a higher initial cost than other applications, it provides significant efficiencies down the line, reducing its overall total cost of ownership. IBM servers come with their licenses for application servers, operating systems, transaction software, database, and virtualization software. With other applications like some Linux servers and Windows servers, these items are sold and priced differently.

While the Power9 applications have up to four times the memory of previous servers, the IBM platform has managed to keep the memory’s costs minimal.

Supports both operating Systems and open source applications

Apart from integrating multiple cloud applications, Power9 can help businesses deploy modern environments that deliver content to desktop and mobile devices, alongside application interfaces. The technology also allows enterprises to run AIX in an IBM I and transform to Unix Mode. Via this solution, businesses can run a range of codes in popular coding languages such as Python, Perl, and Java.

Final word

With all these benefits in mind, it’s evident that IBM Power9 is an unrivaled processor for modern businesses. Despite Power9 alternatives like Dell PowerEdge R, which provide similar services, the IBM Power9 processor still comes out on top.

While the IBM Power9 processor and the Dell PowerEdge R servers work seamlessly to provide access to various cloud applications and offer high-speed performance with an excellent management interface, Dell PowerEdge’s functionality and speed are considered relatively lower than its Power9 counterpart. They also provide different levels of power efficiency, with Power9 scoring higher in the efficiency department.

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