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Shake: Streamlines Bug Reporting Process like Never Before

Today digital ecosystem has taken a center stage in our lives and much of this credit obviously goes to those mobile apps that pretty much take care of everything and anything we ever want. Right from ordering our favorite snacks from a nearby restaurant, paying our unpaid bills, or even knowing intimate decisions about how to please your spouse. Today there is an app for every damn thing and most people are more than happy to allow apps to take control of their lives.

However, creating these apps is no child’s play, certainly not when it comes to ensuring that the apps are completely free from all types of bugs. Ask any mobile developer and they will tell how critical it is to resolve these bugs for ensuring the success of the app. Now obviously overcoming these bugs isn’t easy even though today there are scores of software tools available in the market. But in an apparent sign of glimmer of hope, today one tool is making a lot of noise and this noise is becoming quite deafening as mobile developers are increasingly becoming fond of it.

This all-new tool is called ‘Shake.’ Well, shaking is actually a big part of how it goes about in overcoming those bugs (more on this bit later). The growing reputations of this app suggest that it is really good at weeding out the bugs and is becoming a boon for the mobile developers.

Shake claims to offer 50x better bug reports that help in the rapid diagnosis of bugs and thereby result in faster resolution. The way mobile developers are lapping up this tool does suggest that there is more than enough truth in this claim.

Shake also offer Shake SDK feature. Once installed in your apps, it will make it easier than before for app users to report bugs. All they have to do is simply shake their smartphones and a bug report will be automatically sent to the mobile developers instantly. Probably reporting bugs was never neither so easy and nor such fun-filled activity.

Top Features

Report bugs by screen recording: There are times and situations when a screenshot is not good enough for the nature of bugs. In such a tricky situation, Shake allows its app users to do a video recording of their app screens. This video recording feature makes the lives of mobile developers so much easier.

Customize the report as per the app: Every app is unique in its own way, so much so that no two apps can ever be similar to each other. Knowing this fact very well, Shake allows users to send any custom data from their app using metadata. Customization of a bug report and specific debugging requirements as per the mobile app adds to the user-friendly features of this tool.

Send bug reports without disturbing the end-users: To ensure an uninterrupted and flawless experience for app users, this tool allows app owners to use their own functionality without the ‘UI.’ In simple words, app owners can send a bug report from the background, without interrupting their end-users whatsoever.

Allows creating a big team of mobile developers: Resolving bug issues completely on your own isn’t really easy and therefore this tool allows mobile developers to invite as many colleagues as they want.

Real-time chat: For the faster resolution of bugs, Shake allows mobile developers to chat about bugs with their colleagues inside Shake Dashboard for free.


Notwithstanding the above good features, this tool also has quite a few limitations. For instance, it charges fees on a per-app basis and this makes Shake a bit pricy tool. Additionally, its freemium or free plans allow you to see only 20 most recent bugs and 20 most recent activity history entries.


Shake certainly has the much-needed features to not only make reporting bugs but also resolving them easier and simpler. By especially streamlining the entire bug reporting process, this tool can certainly help in speeding up the growth of the digital ecosystem across the world. It must that this tool benefits all the stakeholders in this ecosystem – the mobile developers, app owners as well as the app users.

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