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Hot Virtual Keyboard With Keygen

If you want to use virtual keyboard then learn here how to install and use virtual keyboard with keygen.

Hot virtual keyboard is an application through which you can have access with the mouse or touch screen to a virtual keyboard that is available on the screen. This comes very handy and useful when there is some kind of glitch with the actual keyboard. Slow responsiveness and stuck keys are some the problems that our keyboards usually encounter. The keyboard, apart from the standard keys also has buttons via which the input language can be changed, cut, copy, paste, viewing and changing hot keys and varieties of other options that can be done. The tool creates and icon at initialization at the system tray area and you can show or hide the virtual keyboard and also access its various options. The Hot Virtual Keyboard is loaded with features to make tasks like on-screen typing faster, easier and of course more accurate. However, all these potentials will be unlocked only with the paid version of the application. And if you are not a big fan of spending those bucks to get hold of an application. You could look up to a plethora of keygenerators (or keygens) which are available for download and come with self-explanatory steps to install the keygen to unlock the application and avail all features!


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The Hot Virtual Keyboard stays on the top other windows by default and it can be made to run at the system startup automatically and you can also set its priority high and change the drawing styles and the themes to suit your requirements. There are other customization options as well which focus on transparency level, character fonts, background pictures etc. The window size and the aspect ratio can also be locked and you can also configure typing aid settings, set delay for disappearing and use gestures as well. We discuss in details about all its features.

Key Features

  • The look and behavior of the Hot Virtual Keyboard is completely customizable.
  • There are gestures that enable you to insert spaces and change case quickly.
  • Copying, pasting and other routine operations can be performed via programmable buttons.
  • There are keys that enable you to run macros with a single tap, open web pages, launch applications etc.
  • There is the word auto-complete option that makes typing faster and accurate.
  • Supports multiple keyboard layouts and multiple languages.
  • The virtual keyboard can be integrated to other systems as well.
  • Offers multi-touch support in Windows 7 and 8.


As mentioned above, the Hot Virtual Keyboard lets you use gestures that make inserting spaces and changing the case of the letters easy and very less time consuming.

Programmable Keys

You can launch an application with a single tap or execute a keystroke macro and even open a website. Routine text editing tasks like copying and pasting can be done via the pre-program keys. There are keys for controlling the behavior of opened windows and others as well.

Word Auto complete

The Hot Virtual Keyboard works like a dictionary and hence, lets you type faster by suggesting you with many words in just one or two taps. This software also makes typing easy and more accurate as you already have the correct word in front of your eyes and hence, there is very little chance of making any errors. People who use TabletPC, CarPC, PanelPC and the likes understand the benefits of this application and for them, this is an absolute necessity.

Complete customization

With the Hot Virtual Keyboard, you get more than 70 different types of on-screen keyboards. If you still have not located the perfect one, you can modify the existing one or you can even create your own keyboard by selecting the background color, font of the keys etc. and create a keyboard based completely on your likings.

International support

The Hot Virtual Keyboard supports all languages keyboard layouts that is supported by the Windows.

Control Windows Behavior

There are 60 keys that can be assigned for different purposes like Monitor on/off, volume up/down, eject/close CD etc.

Disclaimer: Albeit the hot virtual keyboard keygen makes life easy for folks who are not too keen to purchase a full version application, we always recommend to only purchase the licensed copy of the application so as to reward the developers for their efforts and refrain from encouraging any license infringement.

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