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Hostinger : Web Hosting with Guaranteed uptime

Hostinger was founded in 2004 as a start-up from which they have grown to one of the biggest web hosting providers serving more than 29 million users across 178 countries. They have successfully hosted more than 24,894,152 websites so far on their servers and currently, there are more than 15000 new user registrations every day which is really impressive. They are one of the cheap web hosting providers with PHP and MySQL support, full-fledged CPanel without any annoying ads.

Cheap Web Hosting with Guaranteed uptime

One of the crucial requirements of any web hosting service providers is reliability with guaranteed uptime. You can get all the exciting features at the lowest cost with guaranteed server uptime of 99.99%. They have been offering premium cloud web hosting services for more than 10 years in the industry with satisfied customers across the globe.

Free Domain Name

Hostinger being a fully certified ICANN member and one of the cheapest domain registrars offers custom domain names for free to its customers under Business and Premium web hosting plans.  You can get your unique domain name and unlimited hosting plans in a complete package at just the cost of hosting price. Unlike other hosting service providers, Hostinger does not charge you separately for the domain name.


Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

By hosting your website at Hostinger, you also get unlimited SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth so that your website will get loaded at lightning-fast speed (less than 500ms). Their loading speed is less than 500ms which is 2X faster than the industry average of 1185ms. Many paid hosting providers do not guarantee uptime and also don’t provide SSD storage. Since Solid-state drives don’t have any moving parts and offer better performance with reliability, your websites will load faster and also will be always up and running. This is very important to improve your overall search engine ranking and gain the trust amongst your customers.

Simple and Powerful Website Builder

Hostinger offers the most powerful and user-friendly website friendly which allows you to customize your website design as per your requirements. You don’t need to spend your valuable money anymore on hiring costly web designers.  They offer elegant website templates which are professionally designed and loaded with exciting features. You can get a trendy website with cool features like news widgets, calendar, slide shows, photo galleries, voting polls, shopping cart etc. using this simple website builder. Even novice users who don’t have any technical knowledge can design their websites instantly using the WYSIWYG website builder.

WordPress Hosting

Many Users prefer to use WordPress for creating and managing their website. If you are looking Cheap web hosting using WordPress, then you should opt for affordable hosting plans from Hostinger. They offer WordPress optimized cloud-based infrastructure using advanced technologies like PHP7 and NGINX to make your websites load at blazing fast speeds.  With their custom-built Super Cache WordPress hosting, powerful SSD storage and software tools used for optimization, WordPress sites will get loaded instantly which can make your visitors happy. They offer up to 5X Optimized WordPress hosting with extended support for PHP and MYSQL.

One-Click installer

Another advantage of choosing Hostinger’s cheap hosting services your WordPress websites is the one-Click Installer which makes bulk installation of websites simpler and easier for the Web Administrators. Using the one-click installer, you can install all your favourite CMS scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, OSCommerce, Drupal, PrestaShop, Forums, OpenCart etc.

Security and DDoS Protection

Security is very important for any website to ensure that confidential data is not compromised by hackers. Hostinger offers SSH/SSL encryption to ensure all the data sent over the web is protected from hackers. They also provide Platinum BitNinja DDOS protection for business and premium hosting plans to ensure that your website does not go down anytime due to any Distributed Denial-of-service attacks.

Powerful CPanel

For any webmaster who manager multiple websites, it can be a nightmare to keep track of all the activities like taking regular backup of data, uploading or downloading files, running Cron jobs and doing other modifications. You can easily manage your domains, track all your user logins and monitor emails from your CPanel dashboard. Business and Premium hosting plan users will get additional features like Antivirus, spam filters, Quota modification options etc. Hostinger offers a fully-functional CPanel which provides all the essential features like,

  1. Web-file management and FTP support
  2. Redirection URL
  3. Cron Jobs and CMS scripts execution
  4. Hotlink protection
  5. IP Deny Manager

Hostinger offers all their customers with the essential tools for building a fully-functional website without the need of hiring costly web designers. Even as a novice who doesn’t have any technical knowledge, you can set up your own website using the advanced features in the CPanel like the one-click installer. Premium hosting plan users can also get unlimited custom e-mail addresses for your website.

Professional Live Support

Another factor you look at when choosing a reliable hosting provider is whether they provide 24/7 support to handle all your technical queries. Hostinger has a dedicated team of qualified professional that offers live support on a 24/7 basis throughout the year. They handle all your queries in a prompt manner and users can reach them through live chat, email or phone. If you have any issues, you can open a support ticket on their website and they will respond to you immediately. Their customer support is much responsive and better than other vendors in the market currently.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

If you are planning to host a single website, you can choose the normal plan which costs just $2.15 per month. Here you get 10GB disk space and 100GB bandwidth along with FTP support, 1 MYSQL database and single email account. If you want to host multiple websites and also unlimited bandwidth, you can choose the Premium Web Hosting plan which costs just $3.49 per month. This plan offers Unlimited Websites with Unlimited disk space, Unlimited MYSQL databases, 3X WordPress Optimized Speed, Powerful CPanel, Website Builder and an array of features. Business users can go for Business Web Hosting plan which costs $7.95 per month.  Business plan users will get 5X Optimized WordPress speed, Deluxe Live support, 2X processing power and memory and Free SSL certificate for enhanced security. They also offer Cheap VPS hosting at affordable rates using powerful Linux virtual private servers. They provide a 30-day money back guarantee and you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with their service.


Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers who offer all the essential features to build and host a professional quality website at an affordable price. Their Customer support is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive.  You can build a beautiful looking website and successfully start your online business by choosing the cheap web hosting services of Hostinger. Hostinger is the preferred choice for customers because of their guaranteed uptime, enhanced security and faster loading speeds compared to other players in the market.

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