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Hive: A platform that aims to improve workplace productivity

Is your company being seriously plagued by workplace productivity issues and you simply don’t have an idea how to get over it? Well, a young startup ‘Hive’ has created project management & collaboration platform that can easily solve all your workplace productivity problems. The Hive platform, which can be used by companies of all sizes, seamlessly connect people, tasks, data, and offers 1000+ integrations.

How Hive is different from other competitors?  

Hive is pitted against quite a few worthy competitors like Trello, Asana, Wrike and Airtable. However, Hive may have an upper hand over all these competitors by the virtue of its flexibility. Unlike most other tools that force team members to work in certain way, Hive offers huge flexibility by allowing team members to work in a way that best suits them.

For instance, Hive offers multiple project layouts including gantt charts, kanban boards, calendars, and tables. These multiple project layouts provide the required flexibility while still offering the benefits of centralized platform.

Some important features

Hive platform is, of course, integrated with several noteworthy features. We have listed some of the important features below.

Multiple views: Thanks to multiple views, you can easily view each project by current status, team member, or assigned labels. Besides, you can also utilize summary view that combines several projects together to offer a bigger picture

Action cards: Ensures seamless execution of the project with Action cards. These cards help members to access all the critical information, assign tasks, attach files and create sub-actions.

Forms: Now no need to waste time with back-and-forth emails. Hive Form allows you to gather all the critical information you need to work on a project. The great thing is that Form can also be dispatched outside your organization, enabling you to collect information from your clients, customers, and more.

Chat: Hive messaging helps you to have public conversation with your group members as well as personal conversation with any individual members. Besides, Hive has in-built integrations that can easily help you to connect with Slack or start a video conference using Zoom.

File Sharing: Sharing your files is so much easier with Hive. This is because Hive directly connects you with Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Box.

Hive Analytics: With Hive Analytics, you can get actionable insights on your team’s productivity. This not only helps to spot inefficiencies but also fix them quickly.

co-founders John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos.

Conclusion: Owing to its many enviable features, Hive platform is certainly worth trying. It is certainly more than capable in not only identifying inefficiencies in your workplace productivity, but also helping you in fixing them. Not to mention the sheer flexibility and host of other rare features make Hive a truly exceptional platform. It can used for varied types of projects – from simple to highly complex projects.

Today many well-known companies like Wework, The Economist, Starbucks and Remy Cointreau are using Hive platform. Hive’s enviable client list clearly reflects the tremendous success and progress it has made in a very short span of time.

The startup’s meteoric success is solely thanks to its passionate co-founders John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos and ,of course, a highly efficient team that they have managed to build over the years.

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