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Hibernater Review


Hibernater is about the concept of bringing hibernation onto Internet by saving and resuming work states easily

This is something which will prove very useful for those who are addicted to desktop PCs(and not portables).

Just imagine how convenient it would be if you are able to hibernate(kinda freeze) your documents & websites(in opened state) at your office PC and resume it back with just one click at your home PC or any other computer.

This is what hibernater empowers you with.Hibernater is all about the concept of bringing hibernation onto Internet by saving and resuming work states easily.

The main benefit is not just saving time spent on emailing many files and retrieving them but Hibernater also protects you against unintentional overwriting of files. This benefit alone can help many people save time and avoid frustration.

This Singapore based startup founded by Chua Khim Teck & Hoon Thien Rong claims to be the first to bring the concept of Hibernation over the Internet,thereby increasing the sharing of resources both for corporate and academic institutions.


As compared to remote access applications,Hibernater does not require the host pc to be switched on, thereby saving precious resources and enhancing portability.

Currently,it allows a maximum of 20 MB of docs/webpage,which can be hibernated and supports hibernation of Microsoft Word,Excel,Powerpoint and webpages opened in Internet Explorer 6,7 and Firefox 3.

Although hibernater is in closed beta at the moment(no premium accounts),it may roll out premium accounts allowing more space and many other features in the time to come.

After using it,it appears a promising service to us and may soon find a lot of customers using it on a regular basis.

Update : They have launched Version 3.1 of Hibernater.A new version means with more features and bugs fixes.It now comes with support for MSN Messenger/Live and OpenOffice. One can signin automatically into MSN as well edit documents using OpenOffice.

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