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Hasselblad True Zoom – MotoZ Mods Review

Motorola has recently launched the new Moto Z series which belongs to the premium segment and comes with excellent specs and design including the option to install various Mods accessories. Though the concept of Mods has been tried by other vendors, they are not as good enough as Moto Z Mods which are packed with exciting features and seamlessly attach themselves to Moto Z using powerful magnets. But all these mods will make your Moto Z considerably bulky which causes it to lose the identity of a fashionable and slim smart phone. At present 4 different Mods are available in the market for Moto Z which includes JBL Soundboost speaker, Incipio offGrid Power pack, Moto Insta-share projector and Hassleblad True Zoom. Another important advantage of these Mods is that they are designed in such a way to be compatible with Future Moto Z models as well making them a worthy buy.

Today we are going to review Hassleblad True Zoom, which is one of the most interesting Mods for Moto Z that can enhance the sensors and lenses of your smart phone. The True Zoom mod comes with a 10x optical Zoom lens which protrudes from the back similar to a point-and-shoot camera. It allows you to take crystal-clear quality photos using your Moto Z with a resolution of 12 Megapixels. Its main drawback is that it makes your phone really bulky and it will difficult to hold it in your hands. Also the zoom ring and shutter button appears to have a plastic finish which makes it look very cheap. True Zoom mod will completely hide the rear camera of your phone and you won’t be able to use it with this Mod plugged in to your phone. Also this is the only Mod that comes without its own battery, hence you won’t be able retract the lens if you plug out the mod while in use.

Hasselblad True Zoom
Hasselblad True Zoom

One advantage of Hassleblad True Zoom is that it does require its own app and works seamlessly with the existing camera App in your Moto Z. You can launch the camera either with standard 2-flick gesture or use the dedication camera button next to its shutter. You can take pictures at 12 megapixel and 4:3 resolution while videos can be recorded in Full-HD at 1080p and 30 fps. It has various modes such as RAW mode and Black and white mode. You can also shoot videos in various formats such as night landscape, night portrait and sports apart from usual manual mode.

True Zoom mod comes with a ½.3 inch BSI CMOS sensor with 1.55 µm pixels and f/3.5 to f/6.5 aperture range with a focal length of 4.5-45 mm. The Xenon flash is very powerful and has various features such as optical image stabilisation for pictures, red-eye reduction and electronic stabilisation for videos. The optical zoom is very powerful and its powerful lenses offer better colours and sharper details when compared to the traditional smart phone camera. You can also capture pictures with amazing depth-of-field effects which are vibrant even under low-light conditions because of the powerful Xenon flash. Also the TrueZoom Mod alone costs approximately Rs. 20,000 ($299) on top of the price of Moto Z which is definitely quite expensive.

The various pros and cons are listed below,


  • Powerful 10x optical zoom
  • Better pictures under low-light conditions
  • Good clarity videos


  • Too bulky
  • Very Expensive
  • Cheap plastic finish.
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