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Hard Reset Windows Phone 8X

Here in this article we will tell you how to hard reset windows phone 8X. Below are the complete details about the procedure.

Factory reset is and should be the last resort for any phone. When you factory reset your phone, it removes all the primary data which is impossible to recover. You will not be able to recover any data if your phone has not been synced. Before you factory reset your phone, make a backup of all the important files and data.

Factory reset in a device is used when all else fails and you have no other choice but to restore your phone to the starting point. You can also hard reset I case you are selling off your device and want it to remove all the personal data from the phone. Hard reset can come in handy in case when you have forgotten the password of your device and you can hard reset the phone to get it started.

Hard Reset Windows Phone 8X
Hard Reset Windows Phone 8X

Windows HTC 8X is the new windows based phone with latest features and stunning design. The sharp display coupled with high speed internet is what makes this phone the latest hot thing in the market. However, every time a device offers unprecedented internet usage, it opens up itself to the world of virus and malware that can affect the device’s operating system. With widows being such a popular operating system, it is much more prone to being affected by virus than any other OS. In case your HTC 8X has been attacked by viruses or needs a hard reset, you can use the following procedure to restore it a factory point and remove all the malicious virus that is affecting the functioning of your device.

1.  Factory Reset using the Settings option The easiest way to reset the phone is by using the settings option in your phone’s menu

  • Go to the home screen and swipe left to access the menu option on your HTC 8X
  • On the settings menu, tap on the about button to list the options
  • Select the “Reset your phone” option and then select yes to begin the factory reset process

2. Factory Reset using Phone Buttons In case of not being able to turn on your phone, don’t panic as you can still factory reset the phone using the phone buttons.

  • Hold press the power key to turn off the device
  • Now long press the volume down button on the side panel of the phone and then simultaneously press the power off button. Release the volume down button when you see an icon on the screen of the phone.
  • In order to complete the  factory reset process, press the buttons in the following sequence: Volume UpàVolume DownàPoweràVolume Down

Before you hard reset you HTC 8X, be aware that all the data will be lost and that you must back up your device periodically to avoid losing all the data. Also be sure to take out the sim card and the memory card before you perform hard reset on the device.

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