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Harassment Allegation Forces Alphabet’s Executive to Resign – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Harassment Allegation Forces Alphabet’s Executive to Resign

Google book

After the New York Times report revealed several names of executives in Google and its parent company Alphabet involved in harassment of employees, one of the alleged men has resigned from his post. The executive is Rich Devaul, he was the director of Alphabet’s X research division. The executive has not received any exit package from Alphabet, unlike Andy Rubin who was given $90 million. There’s a “women’s walk” planned to take place on Thursday by Google employees.



Zuckerberg Gets Unprecedented Joint Parliament Summons from UK and Canada

Zuckerberg has received unprecedented joint parliament summons from the UK and Canada. The summon is for questioning the Facebook founder about the impact of misinformation on the internet and Cambridge Analytica data misuse. The recent data breach at Facebook is also a cause of concern and the parliamentarians want to know how it affects both socially and economically.



AI Will Soon Scan Your Entry in EU

AI face woman

EU has plans to use AI technology to scan travellers that enter its borders. The Hungary National Police and EU are going to run a 6-month pilot project, iBorderCrtl, that will screen travellers in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece. The system will ask travellers to upload basic documents and with the help of a webcam, the AI agent will ask questions. The AI is capable of reading mico-facial expressions and will be able to catch liars. The test will not go live yet as the technology is still in its early stage.



Robot Package Delivery is Live in the UK

Starship robot in motion

Starship, the robot package delivery service provider has started its operations in the UK and has plans to launch the same in the U.S by end of 2018. Customers can get their parcels delivered to this Startup and then order it to get delivered to their address at an appropriate time and track the delivery through an app. The company feels that this is a perfect solution for those who are worried about their package being stolen.



Baidu-Ford Self-Driving Cars Begin Tests in China

Baidu driverless vehicle

Amidst the craze for autonomous car technology, Ford and Baidu have signed a 2-year project to start testing driverless cars in China. After the tests are completed the driverless car will have attained level-4 technology. Level 5 is what is needed to have a driverless car run on public roads without driver inputs.



Ten Leading Banks Join Forces to Create Blockchain Trade Finance Platform


A new blockchain trade finance platform has been launched by HSBC, StanChart, and ten other banks in Hong Kong. The platform is developed to boost efficiency in multi-trillion dollars in international trade finance. Global trade finance volume in 2017 was $9 trillion. Till now the process was heavily paper-based but now with blockchain, it might all change.


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