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Hackers literally managed to fool GoDaddy Employees – Top Trending News

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Hackers literally managed to fool GoDaddy Employees

Photo of a hacker trying to hack a website

In a major embarrassment for World’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy, it is now being confirmed that the company’s employees have fallen victim to a social engineering scam. As result, hackers have managed to take complete control of several high profile cryptocurrency websites including Liquid NiceHash. It seems that  cryptocurrency websites were main and exclusive target of the hackers. This isn’t the first time that GoDaddy has been  targeted by hackers. This isn’t first time either that its employees have been tricked by hackers. To know more click here


Fleets are still visible on Twitter even after 24 hours, thanks to a bug  

Twitter’s latest offering emphemeral tweets, better known as Fleets, are supposed to disappear after 24 hours. However, in an embarrassment for the micro-blogging giant, it is being reported that not all fleets are disappearing. They are still visible and accessible well beyond the expiration period. And this is all thanks to a bug. This bug is not only keeping fleets even after the expiration period but users can also download fleets without notifying the author. Twitter has said that it is working to fix this bug at the earliest.


Facebook & Twitter will handover presidential accounts to Joe Biden on swearing-in day

Facebook and Twitter will be transferring the presidential accounts to President-elect Joe Biden on his swearing -in day, according to media reports. Media reports claim that both the social media giants have started supporting the transition of Potus account and other presidential accounts. Once the transition is completed, Donald Trump will have to post all his messages on Facebook and Twitter through his personal account.


NASA is planning to launch a satellite to track the impact of climate change on oceans

NASA will launch a satellite in next 24 hours that will seek to decode the impact of climate change on our oceans. This satellite is the first of the series of ocean-focused satellites that NASA and European space agencies are planning to launch in the next ten years. While these satellites will help in studying the co-relation between the rising ocean level and climate change, NASA claims that they will also help in better weather forecast.  To know more, click here.


Spotify has a new competitor – Youtube Music

From launching audio ads, rolling out dedicated music streaming app, to shutting down Google Play Music. This and more, over the last few months Youtube has been involved in frenetic activities to ramp up its music platform. If grapevines are to be believed then Youtube has made its mind to leverage its millions of monthly music listeners and eventually take on Spotify. Reports claim that the video streaming giant has concluded that it has never done enough to infiltrate the music space, allowing streaming players like Spotify to grab the market.

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