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Gymonji Review

There is a lot of enthusiasm in the minds of people with regards to fitness. As the trends change, there is a paradigm shift, which is making people more conscious about their body weight, muscle mass and of course, exercise. Right from sugar free and gluten free diets, to fat free diets, you name it and people are ready to do it, only with an aim to develop six pack abs.

As health fads come and go, the health and fitness industry is now available on the app store. The sudden increase in demand means, that people are eager to start burning some calories in the gym. But everyone knows working out alone is no fun at all. What if you are also looking for a gym partner, who shares your enthusiasm and is all game to help you pump some heavy weights and lose some much needed calories?
This is where Gymonji steps in eager to know more? Read on for some more information about this wonderful app. This is a nascent project in the fitness sector, which has been launched in Feb 2016 on the App Store.


The underlying vision of the project can be summed up in 3 quick steps:

• Connecting People: By gathering geo-sensitive social network data, the app is provisioned to be able to connect you to other like minded users, who are also looking for fitness partners. It’s been equipped to locate other Gymonji users in the vicinity, and help them connect with each other, so that you don’t have to do all the heavy weight lifting alone. Users have the options to check each other’s profiles, see what activities are listed as well as communicate with each other. In other words, it’s a social networking app, for fitness oriented people. The idea is to encourage people to meet, so that they can discuss their health related goals, plan workout schedules as well as chalk out fun exercising activities for themselves.

• Host and plan events: Events are a common way to connect with others, who are also looking at inculcating some healthy habits. Some events also might include marathons, training events etc, which can help people work out with a social agenda in place.

• Professionals: So if that’s enough social bonding for you, there is also another use which can really help you put this app to the best use. If socializing is not your cup of tea, and going professional is what gets you going, then why not hire professional trainers to help you lose that stubborn fat? This app has it all.

What’s coming up?
The app will also include a scheduler, which would capture all your work out logs, making life all the more easier for you during your work out hours.

About the developers:

The team of Gymonji consists of Ryan Makarem, the CEO of Gymonji, along with co-founders James Heidenreich, Deep Singh and Rawad Hilal. Their vision is to create a virtual infrastructure for people to garner knowledge, and enhance motivation within each other, so as to make the world a healthier place.

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