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Google’s Unexpected Slump – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Google’s Unexpected Slump, Profits Dip 23%

Image Credits: Flickr Angel Jimenez

Google’s parent firm Alphabet has announced that it has suffered a dip of 23% in its profits due to high spending on research and development. According to the New York Times, this is a rare occurrence for the tech giant. Despite reporting a 20% increase in its revenue the firm still made loses. Alphabet’s stocks saw a 2% decline. Alphabet’s cash cow is the advertising revenue from Google and recently the firm is facing the competition heat from the likes of Amazon and others. The search giant is a monopoly in internet search category and it has started to invest and develop new products to diversify its offerings. Link.



Is Russia Behind Cyber Attack On Anti-Doping Authorities Websites?

Putin with his bodyguards
Image Credit: Flickr Mitya Aleshkovsky

According to Microsoft, Russian hackers are attacking sports organizations anti-doping websites. The Microsoft said that group calling itself ‘Strontium’ and ‘Fancy Bear’ originating from Russia is behind these attacks. The attacks began on 16th Sep and continue to harm websites from 3 different continents. Luckily many attacks weren’t successful but some were able to penetrate. Microsoft has informed those who were successfully attacked. Link.



Letters To Zuckerberg?

Image Credits: Flickr Curt Johnson

Employees of Facebook have taken a stance on political ads on the social media site. Hundred’s of employees have sent letters to Mark Zuckerberg explaining that letting politicians lie without impunity is against the value of this organization. However, Zuckerberg in past has maintained that he believes in free speech and Facebook will remain an open platform for that. Link.



Is US Softening Its Stance On China?

President Trump at a press event
Image Credits: Flickr Gage Skidmore

The US might provide some relief to certain Chinese imports in the form of tariff exclusions. But these exclusions will only last for one year. The good news came from the office of the US Trade Representative. Link.



Waymo Starts Picking Up Passengers Without Human Drivers

Waymo One van on road.
Image Credits: Waymo Facebook

Waymo has started picking up passengers in Phoenix without a human safety driver inside its self-driving cars. Only a few hundred passengers have agreed for this test run. Link.


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