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Google’s new Machine Learning tool helps in Creating Fantastical Creatures – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology… check it out. 

Google’s new Machine Learning tool helps in Creating Fantastical Creatures

photo showing fantastical creatures

Google is always ever busy in bringing new tools that helps in simplifying and adding more value to our lives. Keeping with this noble philosophy, Google has now brought a new machine learning-powered tool. Known as Chimera Painter, Google claims that this new tool will help artists and designers in creating high-quality fantastical creatures. It further claims that this new tool will act as assistant-cum-paintbrush that will greatly reduce the amount of time required to create high-quality art. To know more please click here.


Trump fires top cybersecurity official for claiming that U.S elections were ‘free and fair’

U.S President Donald Trump, who will be leaving White House on January next year, has just fired Chirs Kerb, one of the senior cyber security officials in the U.S. government. The primary reason for Kerb’s dismissal was the fact that he refused go along with Trump’s official line that the ‘fraud’ in the recently concluded U.S. elections. CISA, where Kerb serves as a director, had last week issued a statement that it has found any evidence of ‘fraud’ in the U.S election. Trump, who has officially conceded his defeat, continues to maintain that his rival Biden won the election by fraudulent activities.


Twitter officially rolls disappearing tweets called out ‘Fleets’ for global markets

Micro-blogging giant Twitter on Tuesday said that it has officially rolled out its all new feature ‘Fleets’ for global markets. Earlier this year, the micro-blogging giant had started testing these ephemeral tweets in several key markets including Indian and Brazil. Starting today, Twitter users across all markets will have access to this new disappearing tweet feature, which sits right at top of the timeline. Twitter is hopeful that this new feature will help its users to express their views more openly.


Despite two years of turmoil, SoftBank still has $80 Bn in Cash

Last two years have proved to be topsy-turvy for Japanese Conglomerate SoftBank. This, of course, has lot to do with the fact that SoftBank’s many bets on high profile startups have proved to be a great dud; WeWork’s IPO mishap last year proving to be one of the biggest embarrassments in SoftBank’s history. However, if one thinks that this tough period has impacted SoftBank’s cash reserves then Masayoshi Son has surpassing news. SoftBank’s new CEO has calmed that the Japanese conglomerate still has $80 Bn in cash reserve. To know more please click here.

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