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Google’s First Clean Project in Asia – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Google’s First Clean Project in Asia, Who Will Benefit?

Sundar Pichai interacting with people
Image Credits: Flickr Michael Thielen

Google has struck a significant deal in Taiwan for its first clean project in Asia. The internet giant has made a deal to buy 10-megawatt of electricity from a solar plant in Tainan in Taiwan. Google already has such clean projects in the north and south America, as well as Europe. Google will benefit from this project in the sense that it will need to pay a fixed price for the electricity in the long term.



Twitter is Getting a Makeover, Will It Impress?

Portrait Shot of Twitter CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Twitter is revamping its presence on the web. The micro-blogging site is adding a dark theme to its existing website to save your eyes and your devices’ batteries. Recently, many apps are providing an option for a dark mode in their UI and Twitter is a leading social network platform that doesn’t want to be left behind. The release date isn’t official yet, but the news is confirmed.



Share Your Current Netflix Programs on Instagram Stories

Image Credits: Flickr DEENAMIK .COM

Netflix’s success has largely depended upon the word of mouth marketing through social media platforms and it has worked to its advantage. Now, it has added yet another way for its viewers to spread the latest trending series through Instagram stories. At present, the update is available only for the iOS users, but it will soon come to Andriod users as well.



Public Shaming app in China, End of Privacy?

China is popular for its regressive policies that affect the privacy of an individual in the country. Now the authorities have launched an app that will track down those with higher debt to their name and will show their details on the latest app available to all. Effectively, any person in China is under the scanner of his or her neighbors who would know about debts and details of their lives.



Grocery on Wheels, Will It Click?

Image Credits: Robomart

A startup in California has launched grocery delivery on wheels automatically delivered to its destination. The robotic vehicle will carry items such as fruits and vegetables to consumers. And will be operated remotely with the help of onboard cameras and navigation technology. It will be dispatched to a neighborhood and from their a user can summon it with the help of an app. The startup’s robot delivery is at its nascent stage and it’s early to say whether there is any excitement among people.


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