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Google will tell websites if their ads are annoying visitors

The website visitors will soon see less and less pop-up ads, thanks to a new initiative by Google. As it will start to tell the websites in the coming weeks that whether the ads that pop-up is serving the visitors well or not. Those websites can then visit the Ad Experience Report for detailed info and also the screenshot of the ads in question will be available. Google is driving a mission to clean up internet.

Google spokes person said that they have singled out pop-ups as no one likes them. Research has shown that pop-ups are responsible for users using ad-blockers. Further, a user stops visiting a certain website due to pop-ups. These steps taken by a visitor downgrades the website causing a loss in revenue. When it comes to mobile the story is even grimmer as the small screen is filled easily with pop-up ads causing severe screen time issues.

Google is driving a mission to clean up internet

Google has explained that replacing annoying ads with more respectable and acceptable ads will help the content creators in their work. All the big and small companies will be able to concentrate on better ad placement and feature. This will further increase the efforts to develop a good marketplace for advertisements. As the technology evolves it will secure the space for standard ad placements.

If the websites follow the Google’s plans then they would see greater returns on their investments. However, whether an ad creator follows the Google’s guidelines is up to themselves. But given the present scenario, it is highly likely that to circumvent the ad blocker issue, the ad creators will take into account the latest changes by Google.

In effect, it was a necessary step by the search giant. As the traffic is increasing so does the ads placed all over the internet. The usefulness of internet will depend greatly on its ability to serve a purpose. To keep the internet clean it is important that such measures are strictly in place.

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