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Google Services Suffer Massive Global Outage (Update: It’s all fine now!)

Update: All Google services, including Gmail, Youtube, Meet are reportedly up across the globe by now.

In an unprecedented event, Google is currently suffering a massive global outage, with people across the world reporting that they are unable to use Google’s prominent services.

A smartphone displaying logo of Chrome

According to the latest reports, Google’s all major services including Gmail, Youtube, Google Photos, Docs, Maps, Adwords, Google Pay are facing outages across the world. Even Google’s flagship service Google Search is reportedly working slowly.

What makes matters even worse is the fact that this is almost a global outage. Literally, every important country is reporting problems in accessing Google services. This includes US, Europe, Canada, Australia, South American countries and even India.

Google users in India started witnessing problems in accessing Google’s services from mid-afternoon. By evening it was pretty clear that this isn’t a minor outage but a major global outage.

Going by the scale of the outage, this global meltdown will go down as one of the unprecedented events in Google’s history. Never before has the tech giant faced such an extraordinary outage issue at a global scale.

Google is yet to come with an official statement with regards to this unprecedented event. However, the tech giant is expected to release an official statement pretty soon.

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