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Twitter’s massive Outage was not due to Security Reasons – Top Trending News

here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology 


Twitter’s massive outage was not due to security reasons

Twitter has been having a tough period off late. After the high profile security breach earlier this year, the micro-blogging giant experienced a global outage on Thursday evening. Scores of Twitter users across the world were witnessing continuous problems in sending their tweets and refreshing their timelines. According to reports, the global outage started at 5:30PM ET and ended at approximately 7 P.M ET Time. However, in a huge sigh of relief Twitter has publicly announced that the massive outage was not due to any security reasons. Twitter has added that accounts of all its users are safe & secure…To know more click here.


In a first, Google comes with details about how AI and Machine Learning is influencing its search results

Today it is an open secret that since few years Google has been leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning to improve its search experience. However, probably for the first time the search giant has come with minute details about how these cutting edge technologies is influencing its search results. The details are pretty interesting, from an all improved Google map results to accurate & precise spelling checks…to know more click here..


Google claims its conversational AI Duplex is showing improved performance

Staying with Google, the tech giant on Thursday claimed that Duplex – its AI technology that leverages the power of natural conversation – has been displaying enhance performance. Google said that Duplex has updated more than 3 Mn business listings since the pandemic. For all those who are not aware Duplex is mainly used for making appointments, booking restaurant reservation, updating a Google business listing so and so forth. To know more click here.


Tesla dumps its PR department, sources claim

All big companies across the world have their own internal PR department that takes care of their reputation management. However, Tesla apparently has lost all its good vibes about PR department and PR official. According to sources cited by Techcrunch, Tesla is slowly diluting its internal PR department. The report claims that henceforth Tesla’s PR activities will be overlooked and supervised by its founder and CEO Elon Musk. To know more click here.

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