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Google rolls out AI video model ‘Veo’ in a challenge to OpenAI’s Sora

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Google rolls out AI video model ‘Veo’ in a challenge to OpenAI’s Sora

OpenAI’s Sora has a new competitor. This new competitor is Vevo, a new text-to-video generating model unveiled by Google at its annual I/O 2024 event. Google claimed Vevo can generate videos in 1080p resolution, handle different cinematic styles, and even produce videos longer than a minute, something Sora currently struggles with. Additionally, Vevo also offers increased creative control. Users can edit specific parts of the video using text prompts and can even generate videos based on a series of prompts that tell a story. With this launch, the competition in the in AI video generation is certainly going to intensify. Overall, it is nice to see both Google and OpenAI are pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in video creation.



Google launches ‘Web’ to show text-based links in Search Results

At its annual I/O 2024 event, Google announced that it is launching a new filter that will show only text-based links in the search results. This new filter will be known as ‘Web’ and will place on the top alongside other filters. Clicking on this filter will show only text-based links, removing videos and images from the search. With this launch, Google seem to be moving back to the old and vintage days when it showed only text-based results. However, text-based results have their own benefits, especially for those people who prefer the simplicity of text-based searches. It can equally prove to be beneficial for people who have limited data plans and want to avoid loading images and videos.



Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI co-founder and longtime chief scientist, is leaving the company  

Ilya Sutskever is leaving OpenAI. This news has been confirmed by both Sutskever and Sam Altman on their respective ‘X’ handles. He was a co-founder and held the position of chief scientist for nearly a decade. Many believe that he played a pivotal role in OpenAI’s meteoric growth over the years. Some reports suggest disagreements with OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman might have played a part in his departure. Sutskever reportedly advocated for a more cautious approach prioritizing AI safety, while Altman might have favored faster development and product launches. OpenAI has appointed Jakub Pachocki, a former research lead, as the new director of research. Overall, Sutskever’s departure is a significant loss for OpenAI.


Meta is closing down its enterprise communications business ‘Workplace’

Unable to compete with Microsoft Teams and Slack, Meta has decided to permanently shut down its enterprise communication platform ‘Workplace.’ Meta plans to discontinue ‘Workplace’ in phases as the platform will be completely shutdown by 2026. Existing Workplace customers will have enough time to transition to alternative platforms. Meta has partnered with Zoom Video Communications and recommends their ‘Workvivo’ product as a replacement. This decision reflects Meta’s changing priorities.  While Workplace offered a communication solution for businesses, the company believes AI and the metaverse have the potential to revolutionize how we work altogether.


Nothing integrates ‘ChatGPT’ in all its audio products

Best ChatGPT App

Nothing is now making it easy for users to access ChatGPT directly from their earbuds and headphones. With a simple pinch gesture, users can activate ChatGPT and interact with the AI chatbot. The functionality isn’t limited to new products. This update will be rolled out to all of Nothing’s existing audio devices, including the fan-favorite Ear. Originally slated for a June rollout, Nothing is expediting the update. Users can expect to access ChatGPT integration through the Nothing X app on May 21st . This integration positions Nothing’s audio products as innovative and feature-rich, potentially giving them an edge in the competitive wearables market

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