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Google Pixel 4 Revealed – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Google Pixel 4 Revealed, What’s Changed?

Image Credits: Google Twitter

Google has revealed the new Pixel 4 smartphone on Twitter. The tech giant has posted a single image of Pixel 4. With just one image there’s not much to talk about in terms of specifications. But the images show the latest phone with dual cameras and a full black body. According to some reports, the Google Pixel 4 will come with Qualcomm’s 855 chip processor paired with a 6gb ram. Link.



Elon Musk’s Bold Statement: Tesla Is Building James Bond Type Submarine Car!

Image Credits: YouTube Movieclips

There’s something common between Elon Musk and the movie character James Bond, both make bold claims. This time Elon Musk has surprised his listeners with yet another ambitious statement, claiming that Tesla is building a James Bond type submarine car. In the recent shareholder meeting, Elon Musk said that the company is developing an aquatic electric car similar to the one in the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Link.



Thanks to Ransomware, Thousands of Employees are on a Holiday, That Too Paid

Nobody could have thought that ransomware would cripple the manufacturing of plane parts and send home around 1000 employees on paid leave for at least a week. ASCO, which is one of the biggest plane parts manufacturer is hit by ransomware and has halted its production for some of the products. The main production unit is based in Belgium. The plants in the three other countries Germany, the US, and Canada have also been shut down. Link.



Can AI Reduce Bias?

Image Credits: Flickr Navymailman

San Francisco authorities have plans to employ AI-based technologies to reduce bias in charging suspects with crime related activities. The district attorney calls it a “bias mitigation tool.” The AI technology will access the database for suspect’s previous criminal history and know the race of the person as well. The idea is to conduct these activities without letting the prosecutors getting influenced by the race of the defendant or any other related information. This basic AI tool will start working from July 1st this year. Link.



Within a Decade the Music Will Be Dead, Says Vinod Khosla

Image Credits: Flickr JD Lasica

According to famous VC, Vinod Khosla, the music we listen to today will be history within a decade. He said in an interview that all the music of the future will be made by AI. The songs will be specifically tailored by AI for users needs and won’t even take much time to develop. Already, companies such as Spotify use some form of AI technology in music. The rate at which the changes will occur is unimaginable. So, would you ditch your favourite musician for an AI generated song? Link.


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