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Google launches Make in India optimized Play Store

Google fulfils Make in India promise by launching “Made for India” program which will feature optimized apps in the Play Store. India has been a big focus for the search giant. Google has understood that there is a high demand for country specific apps in the market. So, there is a need for developer centric setting for app creation. Hence Google chose to take this step.

Google conducted its first ever App Excellence Summit in Bangalore that saw a gathering of around 700 app developers from the four corners of the country. In the conference, Google shared the tips and tools that will help to decide which apps are best suited for the country. Things like best quality and locally relevant apps in the region. The conference in its six-hour duration was lively with discussions surrounding the app development in India.

The “Made for India” program is like “Build for Billions”. For which Google also provides an optimization guide launched in 2016. Those who want to enter the program they need to review the guide first.

Google is concerned with the challenges of erratic connectivity issues in the country, device specifications, and the high cost of data. So, the app development innovations are geared towards resolving these issues.

Google has invited those who are able to optimize their app in accordance with the above mentioned generic issues.

Google fulfils Make in India promise by allowing all to engage with only the age restriction of 18 years. With the launch of this program. A lot of young aspirants would have a chance of showcasing their talents. Moreover, it will benefit the nation as well. Given the size of India’s population and the low penetration of internet. There is an untapped market yet to be explored. What stops the technology in its way are the limitations on which Google seeks to work upon.

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