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Google launches $50M fund for job seeker’s help

Google has come out with a $50 million initiative which will study the changing nature of work. The initiative is geared for the job seekers, preparing them for better work conditions and helping those who are already working. This will begin in US and Europe first. Google is serious about the future of next gen employees. the philanthropic arm of the parent company is taking up this project. The president of this firm, Jacquelline Fuller announced the initiative through a blog post. She stressed that the goal is to make sure that the new generation is better prepared for the opportunities ahead. A climate of new jobs with new requirements is emerging today. Therefore it is important that the coming generation is aware of these changes and make better choices for their careers. Moreover, the initiative will also look into the current scenario of the existing professionals. And help them to cope with better skills whatever challenges that the new technologies would throw at them.

Google is serious about the future of next gen employees

The initiative will study the economic effects, that are brought in by its own parent company, Alphabet. Moreover, the money is going into the groups like Code for America. Organisations like these help to connect job seekers with potential employers.

The initiative will also back the Social Finance. This is a USA based non-profit organisation which studies the cost effectiveness of training the youth. Moreover, it studies the success of training provided to youths of the nation.

Furthermore, the fund will also invest in the betterment of the low-wage workers in the states.

In effect, Google is serious about the future of next gen employees with young people being able to fulfil their needs and realise their dreams. As the technology grows there is a chance that the conventional jobs will loose charm. Moreover, this is what is happening right now with the introduction of AI. with its $50 million fund wants to create a safety net for the young generation. Taking a step further it also wants to take care of the well-being of the workers who earn lesser than the rest of the Americans.

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