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Google launches “Jamboard” a collaborative whiteboard targeting offices, challenging Microsoft’s the “Surface Hub”


The work environment in the modern office is pretty strange. The employees go-on for hours without speaking to each other. All the communications are carried out via the chat apps. It is not rare that one sees the face of a colleague during the meetings.

In 2017 this is the scenario in most of the offices around the world. To improve this space of office collaboration Google has come out with Jamboard. Google has been improving this space with the launch of Docs, Drive and many other apps.

The Jamboard is a digital whiteboard which will rival the Microsoft’s “Surface Hub”. The “Jamboard” is a digital whiteboard with internet connectivity that resembles a giant tablet. The product is $5000 vs. the Microsoft’s $21000 full-blown computer on the wall.

The Jamboard, on the other hand, features only one app for work along with some basic functionalities. This whiteboard is not meant to function as a computer. Although, the Google Engineer TJ Varghese who head’s this project has assured that there will be more apps added in the future. The Jamboard is a simple way to connect with the person who cannot be there in person with other co-workers.

The Jamboard is just like the whiteboard. You can walk up to it and start to scribble on the white space. It is a 55-inch 4k resolution display. Everything that is scribbled on the display can be displayed simultaneously on dozens of other displays of “Jambroads”. The connectivity also allows connecting other computers and tablets as well. Therefore, people on the other side can also work on the same project in real-time.

The tools allow a person to draw shapes and use various colours. The product is really good when it comes to recognising the handwriting of the user and predict the flow. The Jamboard is able to provide a simple brainstorming tool for collaborative office work.


The product also features the abilities to pull up photos and screenshots of the websites in real-time. It also can add emoji and such other similar stickers. It also has a built-in webcam, which means that now you can take pictures and selfies too.

The Jamboard which will go on sale in the US first will sell at $4,999. There is an additional cost of $600 per year for a service fee on every single unit. If a rolling stand is a requirement then you need to shell out another $1, 349 for it alone. The product is discounted until September this year.

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