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Google introduces SOS alerts for its map and search services

Google is adding new features for the safety of users to its map and search services. If a user is in midst of a crisis his or hers priorities change while using the internet. In such a scenario. A user would want to move into a safety zone. The internet usage is directed towards getting out of the crisis. Therefore Google is bringing SOS alerts into its web search and Maps.

Google is adding new features for the safety of users and increase the chances of survival with use of technology. If a user wants to look for search term related to affected location then he or she can receive official updates and relevant contact information. They can have the overview of the map of affected area. Moreover, they would see useful information on the map. These data sources will guide an affected person to safety. The Map app will have a dedicated button for vital information. In a case of mishap, the user may use it to see emergency services nearby.

Google is adding new features for the safety of users

Further, it is not necessary to see the alerts only when a user is in the harm’s way. The user can access the alerts on Map and make use of its features to help the needy. There are opportunities provided by the app to help with donations for those who need it the most.

Google has previously also added features that would help the public during a crisis. The features were added to search results. However, the new addition of SOS Alerts shows the rising importance of the Internet in society. Facebook too showed something similar to this type of feature, where the authorities can make use of its user data to plan the rescue operations accordingly.

A few years ago people would have turned on the TV to receive the information. However, the use and penetration of internet are increasing day by day. Therefore, over the years it is the internet which will take a lead here for sure. Like Facebook now Google with its new features can guide the authorities and people in the right direction.

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