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Google for China, Pentagon Warns Against Chinese Military Benefiting – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Google for China, Pentagon Warns Against Chinese Military Benefiting

Image Credits: Flickr megabeth

Pentagon has warned that Google’s presence in China might benefit the Chinese military and which is bad news for the U.S. China is considered an adversary of the U.S. and top officials in Pentagon have made it very clear to Google that its work in China could lead to serious implications. “The work that Google is doing in China is indirectly benefiting the Chinese military,” said Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The general even went so far as to say that Google’s work in China is directly benefiting China if looked closely. Over five trillion dollars of the Chinese economy is controlled by its government and hence, even if Google works with civilian technology it will end up in the hands of China. It’s not a far fledged threat from Pentagon when considering how Chinese tech firms have copied American technology and in fact, beating America in its own game. As reported on the hill. In another report on the Verge, it has been claimed that China has already overtaken America in the field of AI research.



Someone’s Loss Is Another’s Gain, 3M Telegram Signups During Internet Outage

Image Credits: Flickr TechCrunch

For two long days, major social media websites were down and in the meantime, the competitors were having a heyday. This time it was Telegram Facebook’s competitor. When Facebook along with Messenger and WhatsApp were not accessible, Telegram saw a huge influx of users signing up on Telegram. That means people are restless to wait even for two days. As soon as the services were hit on these websites, Telegram was the top choice for internet users. The Telegram CEO wrote that they had 3 million signups on the day Facebook’s Messenger was down.



Pay With Your Face, Would You? After Mobile Payments this Is the Next Phase

5G technology will bring a whole new level of interaction between the user and the merchant. From cash to electronic payments, the world has moved so far, so fast that the governments need to remind merchants to accept cash. In the latest reports coming from China, the Chinese don’t need to use a mobile to pay for a subway ride. All you need is your face in front of a powerful 5G camera. And that’s it, your done. Chinese government implements what it wants, where it wants. But for countries like India, it will become a challenge. Also, individual privacy is a concern here. What do you think? Will you use your face for transactions?



Will Tech Giants Cause Outbreak of Preventable Diseases? American Doctors Thinks So

Image Credits: Flickr Alpha

American doctors have warned that the content of anti-vaxxers doing rounds on social media sites can cause a serious outbreak of preventable diseases. The anti-vaxxers have a huge following and sometimes even prominent personalities support these groups. This leads to misinformation and parents ditch vaccination of their child. Doctors have warned that sites such as Facebook and Amazon that allow such content on its website could lead to an outbreak, of otherwise preventable, diseases. Both Facebook and Amazon have started to crack down on anti-vaxxers content. But is it enough?



Unisex Contraceptive Pill Possible, According to this Indian Origin Founder

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YourChoice Therapeutics founders Akash Bakshi and Nadja Mannowetz, believe that a unisex contraceptive pill is possible and that it will have no side-effects too. Currently, the contraceptives that women use is harmful to their body, with this unisex pill becoming a reality, all this can change. The startup has raised $400,000 to date and wants to raise another $2 million for having a brigade of its own chemists, who will work round the clock to make this pill a reality. According to the founders, if the funding goes as planned, the startup can start to mass produce this pill by 2025.


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