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Google Faces Flak for Anti-Gay App in the Play Store -Top Trending Stories

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Google Faces Flak for Anti-Gay App in the Play Store

Image Credits: Flickr Ai Pittsburgh Student D

Google has come under the fire for featuring an anti-gay app, which seeks to convert those who are gay or belong to the LGBTQ community into straight couples. The app is owned by a Christian group called Living Hope Ministries. The app provides tips and prayers for young LGBTQ’s to refrain from gay sexual behaviors. Several activists have complained that Google is allowing this app in its app store despite complaints being filed against it. In a similar case Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook had removed such objectionable content from their platform. Experts believe that the sheer number of apps on Google’s Andriod platform is the reason why the anti-gay app is still lingering on. However, many believe that it has been over a month since people filed their complaints and its time Google take some serious action and remove the app from the Play store.



YouTube Turning More Like Instagram, Feature Update Similar to Insta Stories

Now you can swap left and right on your YouTube app to watch recommended videos next in the playlist. Also, the app will play the video from the last place from where you left the video. The updated feature is available on the iOS app and will soon come to Andriod users as well. YouTube in a statement to Techcrunch said that 70% of its viewership is now mobile based. And the upcoming upgrades will focus on mobile updates, making viewing video on mobile easy and more comfortable. This is not the first time that YouTube is copying Instagram and Google keeps the tab on social media to offer the latest features it can to its audience.



Researchers Printed 3D Objects 100 Times Faster than Usual, A Revolution in Making?

Image Credits: Flickr Alan Levine

3D printing isn’t new, but the latest experiment has the potential to revolutionize it. Thanks to researchers, a lightning-fast way to print 3D objects is now a reality. Researchers from the University of Michigan have already filed for the patents. And will hope to take it out commercially as soon as possible. One of the drawbacks of conventional 3D printers was that it took a lot of time to finish printing a product. With this latest improvement, 3D printers will make their way into the places where they were not seen too often, for example, our homes. If the speed at which 3D printers print is increased it will have a huge impact on the usability of 3D printers across the board.



US Army Likely to Intensify its AI Use, Speedy Weapon Development on the Agenda

Image Credits: Flickr muhammet umut aksoy

The US army is known for its hefty investments in the war machines. From stealth planes to surveillance balloons that can stay up in the sky forever, the US is at the forefront of steady development of high-tech war equipment in the world. Now according to the latest reports, the US is mulling the use of AI for faster development of the weapon systems. The US has propped up a separate department called Army Futures Command (AFC) that will look into the AI integration in the US army. Still, all is not that well for this latest plan as people have in the past opposed to AI controlled weapon systems. The critics might have a role in the final decision of AI use across the US army.



Tesla’s Hacking Contest for Model 3, Will it Help Boost the Security of its Cars?

Image Credits:

Tesla has invited researchers to hack into its flagship Model 3 to find out if its cars are hack-proof or not. It’s the first time that an automotive company is doing this sort of thing. Tesla will offer prize money of $1 million to researchers. Also, one might receive the latest Model 3 as a winning prize. The motive for this hacking contest is to show to the world that Tesla is serious about its cars and does everything to make it safe from cyber crimes.


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