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“Google Earth 5” Review

google_earth_5_chlorophyll_map_610x541Google earth latest version 5 has been officially released with new features such as Google Ocean,historic imagery and more real-time data.

Here comes the next version of Google Earth(version 5.0) which takes your imagination to another level.With what we already had in Google Earth,a common user couldn’t even fantasize,what GEarth’s team has delivered with their latest installment of Google’s 3D earth mapping software.(Download it here)

Now,along with Google Earth,you can explore deep oceans which means you can dive into the ocean to explore buried realities beneath the silent water surface.

You can also traverse back into history(it should have been branded “Time machine” ) to see how geographical changes have occured in the past decades.Be it a human construction or natural changes,everything is captured and you can witness it right through this software.

Along with this,Google Earth has infused pile of critical data(courtesy NASA,National Geographic & BBC) about galaxies,interstitial space(specially Mars),oceans etc to provide users with more relevant information than ever.Youtube videos are seemlessly integrated with the physical locations to provide you with real-time data and i bet,you can’t avoid to fall in love with it.

To add to it,you can even record your own custom journey within the software itself.Traverse the world(earth surface,oceans,galaxies…) the way you want and record it to share it with friends/site visitors(if you host the recorded video on your site) or use it in your presentations for academic/research purposes.

With this overwhelming surprise,folks at Google will surely be feeling a bit relieved (specially after the Nighmarish error they recently committed )

Enjoy the video below to take a sneak peak into Google Earth 5.

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