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Google DeepMind’s ‘AlphaFold 3’ hints new Breakthrough in Drug Discovery

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Google DeepMind’s ‘AlphaFold 3’ hints new Breakthrough in Drug Discovery


Google DeepMind has just unveiled the third major version of AlphaFold, known as AlphaFold 3. AlphaFold3 goes beyond the structure of predicting the structure of proteins. It can now predict the structure of various biological molecules crucial for life processes, including DNA, RNA, and small molecules that could act as potential drugs. Traditionally, determining structure of biological molecules has been a slow and expensive process. AlphaFold 3’s ability to predict these structures accurately with atomic precision could significantly accelerate the drug development process. This could lead to faster creation of new drugs and therapies for various diseases. Overall, it seems AlphaFold 3 is a major leap forward in AI-driven drug discovery.


Microsoft’s Xbox shuts down multiple game studios

In an attempt to prioritize cost-cutting, Microsoft’s Xbox division has announced that it is shutting down four of its game studios. This includes Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Games and Roundhouse Studios. The closures resulted in layoffs and the cancellation of ongoing game development at the affected studios. The news has also sparked off discussions among gamers about the future direction of Xbox Game Studios. While some fans expressed disappointment over the loss of specific studios, Microsoft maintains it’s a strategic shift to ensure Xbox delivers high-quality, commercially viable games going forward.


Bluesky plans to roll out DMs for users

Bluesky, the decentralized social network platform, is reportedly planning to launch a direct messaging feature for its users. It might launch DMs “in the next few months” alongside other features like video support and improved customization options. According to reports, initially DMs will likely be for one-on-one communication. Users will have control over who can send them DMs, with options like open to everyone, followers only, or disabled altogether. Overall, this could be a significant development as currently all posts on Bluesky are public. It will allow for more private and intimate communication.


Elon Musk wants to launch Tesla Robotaxi in China

Image Credits: Flickr Gillinghammer

According to Chinese state media, Elon Musk proposed launching robotaxis in China during his visit to the country few days back. During talks with Chinese officials, Musk suggested testing Tesla’s advanced driver-assistance system, known as Full Self-Driving, by deploying it in robotaxis. Chinese officials reportedly welcomed the idea of Tesla conducting robotaxi tests within the country, hoping it could serve as a positive example for the development of autonomous driving technology. However, Tesla still needs to address some major regulatory hurdles including data collection and transfer still need to be addressed before a wider rollout is possible in China.

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