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Google Cloud Outage – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Google Cloud Outage, Exposes Technology Loopholes?

Image Credits: Flickr Niharb

Due to Google cloud outage, many websites were down. People couldn’t access websites such as YouTube, Nest, G Suite and many others. Google has fixed the problem but it raises several questions about cloud technology. Link.



Will Apple Kill iTunes?

It is expected that Apple might kill iTunes. Earlier this year the reports of Apple planning to kill iTunes for some other app was making rounds. Today, the tech giant has deleted all its posts on the Facebook iTunes page. With this move, the rumour has gained momentum. Link.



Will California be the First to Provide Gig Economy Regulation?

Image Credits: Flickr Stock Catalog

A bill has been moved in California that will work towards providing a legal backbone for the gig economy workers. The bill has passed the initial phase and might soon become law. The ridesharing drivers working for companies such as Uber and Lyft will have an equal say when compared to permanent employees, once the bill passes. Link.



US Engineers Body Lifts Ban on Huawei

Image Credits: Flickr Flavio Sartori

Huawei has a slight relief from the ban after the US Engineers body lifted its ban. It said that Huawei employees along with its subsidiaries will be allowed to participate in the research projects that require peer review. The relief came after further instructions from the US Dept. of Commerce. Link.



YouTube Prank Can Easily Put You in Jail

A YouTuber has been sentenced to 15-months jail for a prank he did years ago. The YouTuber, Kanghua Ren had uploaded a video where he stuffed Oreos with toothpaste and asked a beggar to eat it for €20. The prank didn’t go so well and drew the ire of the viewers. Kanghua Ren has now been sentenced to 15-months jail on counts of offence against moral integrity. But as this is taking place in Spain, he might not need to spend his time inside an actual jail as first-time non-serious crimes offenders don’t spend time in jail. Link.


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