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Google CEO Sunder Pichai joins Alphabet’s board of directors

Sunder Pichai, Google’s CEO will join the parent company Alphabet’s board of directors as a member soon. The announcement came on Monday through Alphabets investor news blog. Sunder Pichai’s elevation has come after his strong performance with Google.

The news blog mentions that as CEO of Google, Sunder Pichai has been doing a good job. He has been able to drive strong growth for the company. Moreover, he is rewarded for his contributions in tremendous product innovations. Sunder Pichai has also been productive in building partnerships with other collaborators.

Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet said in a statement that he really likes to work with Sunder Pichai.

Sunder Pichai's elevation

Sunder Pichai’s elevation in the ranks of Alphabet Inc. is driven by his passion for the companies success and the results that he has been able to generate. He has been running the show at Google since August 2015. This was at the same time when Google decided to separate the different divisions and bring them all under one parent company Alphabet. Since then Sunder has been instrumental in leading Google in several technological fields. One is his relentless pursuit of making Google an ‘AI First’ company. Apart from Google, he is also responsible for Android and youtube as well.

Sunder Pichai’s elevation to the board of directors has come after almost 17 years after he first joined in 2004. He has experience in several other roles before he became the CEO of Google. He has spear headed the Google’s consumer products. Moreover, he has also led engineering and research efforts for the search giant.

Sunder Pichai’s elevation is no small thing. After all, Alphabet is a top five technology firms in the world. Its revenue is comparable to many countries GDP. Moreover, for a person of Indian origin, it would be a proud moment to join the companies board after delivering persistent results for decades.

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