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Google Attribution is now in the race of Marketing Strategy Evaluation Tool

An attribution model is basically a rule or sometimes a set of rules, which actuates that how credit for sales and conversions is attributed to some touch points or clicks in conversion paths. Citing an example for it: Analytics model, Last Interaction model that assigns 100% credit to the ultimate touch points that immediately precede conversions or sales.

Google’s attribution efforts started back in 2014. It acquired a start-up that specialised in measuring marketing impact. It was initially named Adometry and then they quickly reconstructed to form into Attribution 360 and rolled out an important part of Google’s Analytics 360 Suite then. It has been two years since the tool began to rebuilt Google’s attribution on Google stack and started simplifying it. Google Attribution 360 promises to bring all the online and offline media together in order to provide deeper insights, which will lead to more desirable performance and elevated returns on marketing investment for the cross-channel campaigns.

Recently, Google confirmed about launching a new beta for Google Attribution, which is free of cost device that shall be used to examine the function of different marketing strategies which plays a role in customer’s purchasing decisions. This development is not a new construct in the marketing world. Many world companies such as Adobe and self-start-up firms such as Bizible and BrightFunnel have already developed tools for years now which permit marketers to break the old last-click paradigm.

Google desires that Attribution should be a home in order to evaluate on all grounds the marketing campaigns. It aims to make the tool attractive enough, by creating ad spend and feedback and a tight loop between numerous strategies used, for the world marketers who think that the last-click models are a good idea and incapable of properly explaining the behaviour of their customers. It believes that the launch of this new learning-powered method will enable the world marketers to remodel their relative subscription of various disparate advertising efforts for it shall a superior informative method of evaluation.

Google senior director of product management for analytics and measurement, Babak Pahlavan explained in an exclusive interview, “We capture the clicks, as long as there was a click, we can, for example, say how many of the conversations were from the social channel.” He also stated, “Google Attribution should offer marketers a clearer picture of their efforts to facilitate a more accurate cost-benefit analysis.”

Without using the tool personally, it is tough to comment on its performance and quality of service but Google has promised that it will be beyond what people are expecting. We need to wait for it to get released and then we will compare it against other competing tools.  Google has claimed that it is super easy to use, costs zero (for some users) and has been touting its copious integrations. However, Google was seen to be silent on the issue of tool’s superiority as a product of performance.

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