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Going Paperless in your Business

The list of buzzwords in the business world always seems to contain one vital topic or point of discussion, going green. Whether the phrase is eco-friendly, carbon footprint, or something else environmental, shifting your business to become more environmentally-conscious

can provide massive benefits to all involved, from consumer to government. Because of this, many businesses have already examined the possibility of changing their current business model or going paperless outright, which cuts down on excess waste and paper costs. But the decision to go paperless, for your business in particular, can be more than just an attempt to follow the trend. Going paperless can mean real savings for your business, transferring many physical and costly supplies into the realm of digital and virtual storage and communications. By ditching paper and the printers, you can end up with more in your pockets. Here are some reasons to consider going paperless, and what it can do for you.


Apps Beyond Gaming

A casual glance around the subway train will probably tell you all that you need to know about the world of modern tablet use. People enjoy gaming apps almost as much as they enjoy texting, and although these entertaining programs may bring in some fine revenue, there’s an even more important and business-friendly set of apps on the market in the form of financial apps. Companies like Apple have been eager to prove their worth in a wide variety of industries ever since the launch of the iPad. It’s no surprise that their latest efforts have been in the development of faster and more efficient apps for things such as chart presentations, video conferencing, and file editing. In fact, the iPad has been praised for business apps that were developed both in and out of house, with independent developers creating tools that aid in presentations and board meetings.


Without the need for handouts at your next meeting, you might just save a fortune. And when it comes to designing budget reports and your next presentation for your colleagues, it will probably save you mounds of scrap paper. In addition, the iPad has been used in retail circles for quite some time, able to make use of third-party hardware additions and Point-of-Sale (POS) apps. As Tech Radar points out, some of the latest apps on the market are capable of enabling signatures and fund transfers without using any receipts or leaving paper trails at all. Companies like Shopify have already developed products such as card reader terminals and barcode scanners for Apple’s tablet, and more are sure to follow.

Switch to the Cloud

This feature may not be as secret as some of the other recent developments in the tech world, but it doesn’t diminish its significance in being able to save you paper. As Entrepreneur recently noted, cloud-based POS systems have become a new norm in the industry, and it’s easier than ever to convert. Cloud computing revolves around a centralized server that’s capable of hosting all of your data and keeping it automatically backed up. This serves two functions. First, your data will always be protected from things such as electric surges and sudden outages, and you don’t need to keep paper copies of your computer files in the office any longer. Second, you won’t need to fax memos or send lengthy files to your colleagues. With the cloud, anybody can access the information hosted on the central server, provided they have the proper login codes and a device that can reach the data. With a phone or tablet in hand, your coworker can access your files, work and perform edits. All while abandoning the hassles of traditional printing and storage methods.


The art of in-person conversation may seem like a dying entity, but fortunately, modern technology has presented a new approach to the situation. As ironic as it may seem, technology that promotes long-distance communication and chatting across time zones may be the best way to revive face-to-face contact. Communication as a Service recently noted that video conferencing has become a viable trend in the business world for several reasons, but a few of them should be particularly appealing to you, especially if you’re looking to ditch paper. Video conferencing has increased the speed of replies, the feeling of connectedness between various offices, while generally improving the attitude of boardroom participants overall. With video conferencing, you no longer need to send letters or worry about printing out the latest batch of reports from a telecommuter, simply boot up the webcam and start chatting.

Although going paperless may seem like a hassle, it can end up being one of the best business decisions you ever make. Everything from the cost of printer paper to physical storage is reduced, and in the process, you reduce your mark on the environment, leading to a better brand name and general opinion in the eyes of your clients. Sometimes, doing the right thing can also be the smart and business-savvy thing. So halt that next order of printer paper, dust off your keyboard, and get to saving.

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