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Go4Funding Review

Here is the Go4Funding review. Go4Funding is a portal that brings together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and business experts at one place

What’s that

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Do you possess the NEXT BIG B-PLAN that you think might impact the web like never before? OR Are you looking for a start-up or a seed firm to quadruple your money in today’s dried economy.

For both the cases, Go4funding.com may serve as an effective platform.

Go4Funding is a portal that brings together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and business experts at one place. It gives an opportunity to the start-up owners, put forward their business idea/model in front of angel investors, VC’s who come here to explore early- middle stage/investment opportunities. It also gives a preference to the “Business experts” who may provide their guidance to the start-up that get listed over here.

Chandra S. Pemmasani, CEO, Go4Funding.com belongs to the medical field. After the success of his company USMLEWorld (Medical test preparation company), his willingness to invest in start-ups made him start Go4Funding in March 2007.

VC funding portal

What it offers…

  • An opportunity for the early stage companies to raise capital by getting an extra exposure to VCs and investors
  • For the investors to browse various start-ups and go ahead with the funding issues with the choosen one

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Free of Charge – As of now, the service that Go4Funding.com provides is free of cost. In later stages, they may start charging startups for getting featured. A free platform for such a serious service has turned up many startups from various countries to get listed.
  • Novelty – Usually,the angel groups or venture capital firms have a conservative approach while collaborating with startups.Most of the times,a conference or an event is organized to feature multiple startups in the presence of VCs.Go4Funding is different.It kicks off the communication online and leads it to further offline meetings.
  • Appreciable coverarge – Apart from the usual countries (US, UK and Canada), Go4Funding extends its range to India, China and Mexico. As the ‘Startup trend’ is picking up in these countries quite fast, it will surely add to Go4Funding’s Success.

Why it may prove to be a Web struggler !

  • Heavyweight Competition – The venture capital firms and angel investor groups are already big in number and quite effective in their action. Hence, startups may take this website quite lightly.
  • Weak Throughput – It’s been 15 months since the official launch of Go4Funding.com, but only a handful of deals has been finalized using this platform so far. This is witnessed a weak response from their potential customers (VCs and entrepreneurs)
  • Scam fear – Being the system so open brings a lot of side-effects as well. There may possibly be a case of scam or fraud from either startup or investor’s side just because the sources aren’t 100% verified. Some systems are better left under the scanner.


  1. Chandra

    May 13, 2008 at 4:27 am

    Thanks for writing about us. We have taken several measures to avoid scammers. All the new investor accounts will be verified. We take almost immediate action if some one try to abuse our free system. Regarding the less number of deals, in most cases deals happen outside our web site once they initiate potential contacts. We just listed few of the deals that had happened and notified to us.

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  8. Tracy

    March 5, 2009 at 7:42 am

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