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Look folks, here comes the Gmail Man!

Here’s the Gmail security invasion video that features Gmail man.

Well, there’s no denying that Gmail is possibly the fastest growing email service in the world.

It may be less in total userbase than Hotmail but given the kind of pace with which Gmail is attracting more people to jump the ship, Gmail may reign the email universe in near future.

But there’s a worrying concern that’s bothering growing number of Gmail users and that’s the ‘user privacy’.

As Google makes most of its revenues through Advertising business, it does a lot of background work to make sense out of your conversations in Gmail and eventually offer you customized advertisements in Gmail, to not just bring you relevant advertising but also make more advertising dollars out of you as there will be more chances of you clicking such “targeted ads”.

And to horrify you with what Google might be doing with your Gmail data, here’s a satirical video created by some anonymous guy[no word by Microsoft if it is their idea!] that showcases a “Gmail Man“, which imitates “Gmail bots”[which are just bots, not humans] and makes you think if you’re letting your privacy be invaded by Google.

Of course, Google always stresses on the fact that no human reads or scans through any user’s emails and its only bots that pick keywords from conversations to produce relevant ads but even that could be considered privacy invasion by some people.

However, there’s a little chance that Gmail will get affected with such satirical videos but yeah, the video is so funny that you can watch it at least thrice at a go!


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