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GitHub Services Ceased, Techies Working on Quick Revival – Viral Tech News

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


GitHub Services Ceased, Techies Working on Quick Revival

GitHub Status Monitor

Due to data storage issues, GitHub is facing a downtime on its website. No one is able to access the services. For almost past 6 hours the techies are working on a quick solution. In the latest update, the status is still showing no signs of revival. Users of GitHub are venting their anger on Twitter. For the first time in its history, GitHub has been down for longer than 6 hours.



Facebook, after a Massive Cyber Attack, is Keen on Purchasing a Cybersecurity Firm

Facebook VR tech display

To shore up its cybersecurity, Facebook is planning to purchase a cybersecurity firm. In an attempt to appease its billion users, Facebook is fortifying its assets by investing more in cybersecurity. Facebook has approached several cybersecurity firms. No name has been announced but it’s believed that by early 2019 a deal will be made final. So far, the Facebook spokesperson has declined to comment on this latest report.



World Chess Launches Dating App for Chess Lovers

World Chess Dating app banner

World Chess Organisation has launched a dating app for the chess lovers. If you’re a chess player and looking for a similar partner, you now have an option to find that partner with the help of this dating app. You’ll have one hour after you upload your avatar to match up with your potential partners for a game of chess and maybe more. The company that created this app is the same company that launched “HookUp” app. World Chess Organisers in their own words “want people to spend less time on their phones and more time playing chess.”



Drinking Water From Air, Thanks to Xprize Winner

Water from air banner

The Xprize winner has a life-saving technology to offer to billions of people around the world. WEDEW (Wood to Energy Deployed Water) is a system that converts the surrounding air into drinking water with the help of power generated by natural resources. The core of this technology works in a similar way as a cloud does. Not just it produces clean drinking water, it also produces a type of charcoal, as a waste product that can be used as a plant fertilizer.



Flying Taxis in The Air by Mid 2019

People watching the flight of diver less flying taxi

Singapore is taking giant leaps when it comes to driverless flying taxis. By mid-2019, Volocopter, the Singaporean firm will start test flight for the flying taxis in the country. After its successful test flights in Dubai and Germany, this German firm is keen to foray into flying taxis for the masses. The routes for this services will be inter-city and the test will take place with the help of local authorities. Singapore was the first nation that started driverless taxis and if things go according to plans, it might also become the first country of flying taxis.



Germany Pushes for Taxing US Tech Giants, Spain Already Backing it

Germany Official Building

German lawmakers feel that it’s not able to tax U.S tech giants enough. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Airbnb are able to fend off higher tax rates by keeping their financial exposure on the lower side. But all that might change soon. Germany is pushing for a global minimum tax rate for these digital giants. German lawmakers believe that tech giants are able to move profits out of European countries to U.S and lawmakers want this disparity to end. If things go in this direction, Google and other such companies will soon start to pay European Tax for “big tech.”


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