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Gigantic 16K Screen From Sony – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Gigantic 16K Screen From Sony that’s longer than a bus, Who Needs It?

Image Credits: BBC news

Behold, the biggest 16K screen that’s one of its kind on display from Sony. The screen that has 16 times more pixels than a 4K television and offers a huge jump in high definition will soon appear in Japan. This screen will be 64 times the 1080p high-resolution TV. Imagine the clarity and sharpness of the images. For once, a question can be raised — Who needs it? Will its cost justify the purchase? The 63ft by 17ft screen is commissioned for Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido for research purposes. Apparently, the size of the screen will touch the second floor from the first floor where the screen is to be displayed. According to the officials at Sony, the 16K screen is meant for the corporates and might take over a decade before there’s a consumer market for it. Still, the screen size with impressive and dreamlike experience, no wonder Sony calls it ‘the window to the world,’ will catch a lot of eyeballs. And who knows there just might be a luxury market for this TV soon. The tech ‘crystal LED’ is at the core of this screen. As reported by BBC News.


Google Makes Search More Targeted With ‘Before and After’ Date Commands

Image Credits: Google Twitter

Google has made it more easy for us all to check search results with before and after commands. With this latest feature and access the result in a highly targeted fashion. The addition is still in beta mode and there might be a chance that not all will see it for now. Some have called it a search command that makes it similar to Twitter search. This latest addition is highly useful if you’re searching for news articles or if you remember an article but forgot the website, you can easily find it with before and after command. Google Twitter link.



Alipay Mobile Wallet in the US, Says Only for Chinese Tourists — Really?

Image Credits: Alipay Facebook 

Alipay has finally broken into one of the highly lucrative online payments market in the world, the United States of America. Alipay officials have tried to downplay this launch by stating that it’s only for the Chinese tourists visiting the US. But the analysts believe that Alipay which is owned by the Alibaba subsidiary Ant Financial is here to stay and grow. But the mobile payments in the United States has not really grown much. In fact, when compared to credit card transactions it’s a minuscule number. But there are a lot of players in this sector trying to make customers. Report.



Dropbox Brings Google Docs Integration, Will It Increase Productivity?

Many people use Dropbox and many use Google’s Docs, but there was a gap. No user was able to use both of them together. Not anymore. You can now edit your Docs inside Dropbox. The added advantage of the saved version file in Dropbox comes really handy if you accidentally delete your Docs. So, go and try it right now. Not only can you use Docs, but also Slides and Sheets inside Dropbox now.



China Might Kill Its Cryptocurrency Mining, But Why?

China is home to some of the biggest cryptocurrency mining systems in the world. Many have had tremendous success with bitcoins in China. But in a surprising move, the Chinese government is planning to ban this crypto mining business altogether. If this happens, the miners will move to foreign territories as they would have no other option. The reason behind this frenzy is a regulation enacted by the Chinese cabinet back in 2005. The rules state that any industry that pollutes and uses excessive energy must get eliminated. Being a vague law in itself, the miners would have very little to persist their stay in China if the ban takes effect. As reported on South China Morning Post.


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