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Gifting: The under-rated trick to boost Team Performance

Gifting: The under-rated trick to boost Team Performance

Leaders often juggle meetings, deadlines, and strategic choices in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Amid this whirlwind of activity, they can quickly lose sight of a vital component that ensures the smooth running of the business engine: the employees. Through their unwavering dedication and skill set, these diligent individuals constitute the foundation of your company’s achievements.

It becomes imperative for leaders to recognize and appreciate these relentless efforts. A simple gesture of gratitude can be influential in sustaining a lively, efficient workplace. It’s widely known that 85% of employees are not engaged in their workplace.

Recognizing your employees’ hard work is not just an optional facet of leadership; it’s an absolute necessity. Below are 10 considerate ways to convey gratitude to your employees, nurturing an environment of recognition and enhancing overall workplace morale.

Deliver a Genuine Thank You

A simple yet impactful way to express gratitude is by sincerely thanking your team members. This appreciation can be conveyed effectively through different channels, such as in-person conversations, emails, or handwritten notes.

Acknowledging their hard work can make individuals feel recognized and valued. Ensuring that your expression of gratitude is sincere, tailored to their specific contributions, and genuinely conveys your appreciation is crucial.

The Magic of Offering Gifts to Employees

One unique and versatile way to express gratitude to your employees is by offering them gifts. For instance, well-curated gift baskets for employees, whether remote or in-office, can convey a powerful message of appreciation and acknowledgment. These baskets, which can be filled with gourmet goodies, spa relaxation items, books, or tech gadgets, can be tailored to each employee’s preferences, making them feel genuinely valued and appreciated.

Offering gifts to your employees can be done on various occasions, such as work anniversaries, significant achievements, or during the holiday season, creating an atmosphere of celebration and gratitude in the workplace. The best part is that expressing your gratitude doesn’t have to be expensive. Even small gestures of appreciation, like gift cards, vouchers, a modest bouquet, or a minor bonus, can make your employees feel cherished and acknowledged.

Recognize Achievements Publicly

When an employee achieves something noteworthy, make a point of acknowledging their accomplishments in a public setting. This could be during team meetings, on your company’s social media platforms, or at a corporate event.

Public recognition not only boosts the morale of the individual being acknowledged but also fosters a competitive, productive atmosphere, inspiring other employees to achieve similar recognition.

Offer Personal Development Opportunities

Show your team that you’re invested in their future by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Supporting and promoting the professional development of your employees can take various forms. This could include funding their participation in training programs or seminars, organizing sessions for sharing knowledge, or providing resources and opportunities for them to acquire and hone new skills.

By investing in your employees’ development, you show your appreciation for their contributions and express your commitment to their growth and success within the organization.

Gifting: The under-rated trick to boost Team Performance

Advocate for Flexible Schedules

Flexible working arrangements have become increasingly popular. If your business model allows for it, consider offering flexible work schedules. This gesture shows that you respect and acknowledge your employees’ need for a balanced lifestyle and can significantly boost their morale and productivity.

Include Employees in the Decision-Making Process

You can show that you respect opinions and insights by involving employees in decision-making. Encourage them to voice their thoughts during brainstorming sessions, set up suggestion boxes, or simply ask for their input on relevant matters.

This gesture shows your appreciation and promotes a sense of ownership among your team members.

Cultivate a Healthy Work Environment

The state of your workplace speaks volumes about your attitude toward your employees. A clean, comfortable, and vibrant workspace demonstrates your concern for their well-being. Investing in quality equipment, ensuring optimal lighting, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment can significantly improve employee morale and productivity.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays, or significant personal achievements shows your employees that you value their commitment and contribution. These celebrations, whether it’s a simple cake, a card, or an office party, can create a sense of camaraderie and belonging, enhancing the overall workplace atmosphere.

Establish an Open-Door Policy

An open-door policy, where employees can freely express their thoughts and concerns, fosters a culture of transparency and mutual respect. This policy powerfully conveys to employees that their voices are essential and appreciated.


Ultimately, expressing gratitude to your employees is about cultivating an organizational culture that values each member’s contributions. These minor gratitude gestures uplift spirits, enhance productivity, and develop a strong sense of allegiance within your workforce.

Remember that even a sliver of appreciation can significantly contribute to developing an enthusiastic, devoted, and, above all, genuinely appreciated team.

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