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GETSCOPE: A Project Management Tool that takes Boredom out of your Work


Founder: Guido Schilperoort

Headquarters: Netherlands

Funding: Bootstrapped

Key competitors: Polydone, Monday & Asana


Most company’s success partly or mostly hinges on smooth implementation of their projects. There probably can’t be any argument over this matter. Simply because today most of the modern companies – whether startup or MNC – work on the format of project basis.

Knowing well that projects are indisputable part of company’s success, Netherland based startup GETSCOPE has joined the quest of simplifying project management.

What is GETSCOPE all about?

As you may have already guessed, GETSCOPE is a project management tool. On the outset, it may seem like any other project management tool that is pretending to be different from others. But considering that GETSCOPE has many enviable features at its disposal, this project management tool appears anything but pretentious.

To begin with, GETSCOPE is a lightweight, 360 degree and visual project management tool that greatly amplifies the user experience. Today most of the project management tools appear to be so cluttered that they end up messing up with user experience. But not GETSCOPE. Therefore, working on this platform is far more fun and exciting than on other platforms.

Above all, GETSCOPE has been designed to make it suitable for all types of branches and organizations; right from a small startup operating from a co-working space to large & complex MNC. Any company with desire to improve their work efficiency can benefit from this project management tool.

Let us explore other invaluable features that make GETSCOPE stand out from other tools.

Easy switching: switching tools is so much easier with GETSCOPE. You can easily switch from other tools like Trello and Jira to GETSCOPE without any problem. More importantly, you won’t lose any of your important data while making the switch.

Gain Complete Control: This platform sends automatic notification about latest project updates to all participants and users. Therefore, all users are in complete control of their project 24/7 and 365 days.

Check your Team Member’s progress: It is so much easier to keep track of all your member’s progress. You can easily check out your team’s progress in a glance and also get an easy overview of the backlog that needs to be cleared.

Different project methodologies: GETSCOPE offers not one but three different project methodologies: Waterfall, Kanban or Scrum. Each one of them offers different features and benefits that further helps in improving your team’s efficiency.        

Keep customers aligned: GETSCOPE brings you closer to your customer like no other platform can. This is because this project management tool lets you add customers to your projects and thereby give them access to specific data and let you get faster feedback.

User stories: GETSCOPE doesn’t claim to be a fun oriented project management platform for nothing. This is because it lets you create fantastic userstories and assign them to your team members.

Update Reporting: You get an update report about how your project is panning up and the performance status of your team. You will come to know who is performing well and who is not in the project.


GETSCOPE offers affordable pricing plan to make it easier for the companies to scale their business as well as the team. New users can straight away start using GETSCOPE by opting for month long free trail. Free trail obviously have limited features, but helps you get acquainted with important features.

If you’re satisfied with these features then you can opt for any of the two upgraded plans: Team Plan ($0.90 per use per month) and Enterprise plan ($13.60 per user per month).


With its user-friendly and intuitive features, GETSCOPE clearly stands out from rest of the project management tool. It comes across as a fresh breadth of air as it strives to add dash of fun to our otherwise boring and mundane work. There are not many project management tool that strives to attempt this and for this alone GETSCOPE deserves an appreciation.


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