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Mastering Your YouTube Experience: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube.” YouTube Shorts, the platform’s answer to the short-form video trend, has become increasingly prominent. While many enjoy these quick and entertaining clips, some users prefer a more traditional YouTube experience. If you’re looking to minimize or completely remove Shorts from your YouTube browsing experience, you’ve come to the right place. This post will provide detailed instructions and insights on “How to Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube,” ensuring a tailored experience on the platform.

Things to Know Before Disabling YouTube Shorts

Before you embark on the journey to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube,” there are several important factors to consider. Understanding the implications of disabling YouTube Shorts will help you make an informed decision about customizing your YouTube experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Impact on Content Discovery

YouTube Shorts are designed to enhance content discovery by introducing users to a wide variety of videos in a short amount of time. If you choose to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube,” you might miss out on discovering new creators, trends, and topics that could be of interest. Shorts often serve as a gateway to new content, particularly for emerging creators and niche topics.

2. Influence on YouTube’s Algorithm

YouTube’s algorithm is highly responsive to user behavior. When you interact with certain types of content, like Shorts, the platform is more likely to suggest similar content. By choosing to avoid or “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube,” you’re signaling to the algorithm your preference for other types of content, which could lead to a more personalized and tailored viewing experience over time.

3. Understanding YouTube’s Direction

Recognizing the direction in which YouTube is heading is crucial. With the rising popularity of short-form content on various platforms, YouTube has invested significantly in Shorts. This shift reflects a broader trend in digital content consumption. Deciding to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube” means opting out of a significant aspect of the platform’s current and future landscape.

4. Potential Limitations

It’s important to acknowledge that completely disabling YouTube Shorts may not be entirely possible due to the platform’s design and functionality. YouTube integrates Shorts seamlessly into its ecosystem, making them a pervasive element across various sections of the site and app. Hence, efforts to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube” may only minimize their presence rather than eliminate it.

5. Alternative Content Consumption

Consider other ways to consume content on YouTube that align with your preferences. This might involve subscribing to specific channels that produce long-form content, using playlists to curate your viewing experience, or exploring other categories and tabs that are less focused on Shorts.

How to Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube

If you’re looking to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube,” it’s important to know that while YouTube doesn’t offer a direct way to completely remove Shorts, there are several strategies you can employ to minimize their presence. Let’s explore the various methods you can use to reduce or potentially “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube” from your viewing experience.

On Desktop Browsers

  1. Manual Avoidance: The simplest way to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube” while using a desktop browser is to manually avoid interacting with them. Avoid clicking on Shorts in your feed, as YouTube’s algorithm tailors content based on user interaction.
  2. Browser Extensions: There are browser extensions available that can help to filter out YouTube Shorts. Extensions like ‘BlockTube’ or ‘Video Blocker’ can be configured to hide Shorts based on keywords or channel names.
  3. Customizing YouTube Layout: Some third-party tools and scripts can rearrange the YouTube layout, potentially reducing the visibility of Shorts.

On Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

  1. Limit Interaction with Shorts: Similar to the desktop approach, one way to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube” on mobile is by not interacting with Shorts. Refrain from watching, liking, or commenting on Shorts, as this will signal to YouTube’s algorithm your preference for other types of content.
  2. Use YouTube in a Web Browser: Instead of using the YouTube app, access YouTube through a web browser on your mobile device. This can sometimes offer a different layout where Shorts are less prominent.
  3. Feedback to YouTube: Use the ‘Not Interested’ option on Shorts videos. Tap the three-dot menu on a Short and select ‘Not Interested.’ This feedback can help tailor your recommendations away from Shorts.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly Clear Your Watch History: YouTube’s recommendations are based on your watch history. Regularly clearing it can reset the type of content, including Shorts, that YouTube suggests to you.
  • Adjust Your Subscription List: Focus on subscribing to channels that primarily offer long-form content. This can influence the type of content that appears in your feed, thereby helping to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube.”


In conclusion, while the direct option to “Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube” might not be available, there are ways to customize your YouTube experience to see less of them. By understanding how YouTube’s algorithm works and by actively managing your engagement with content, you can significantly control the type of content that appears in your feed. As the platform continues to evolve, staying adaptable and informed will help you make the most of your YouTube experience.

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