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Get Prepared For WhatsApp Ads – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Get Prepared For WhatsApp Ads, Starting Next Year

Facebook has revealed its plans to start adverts on its messaging platform WhatsApp. Starting next year, the WhatsApp users will see ads on their status area. The status section in WhatsApp is the place where users post videos, GIFs, photos, and texts that is viewable for 24 hours, just like Stories in Instagram and Snapchat. Many consider it as a controversial move. Since 2014 when Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, it has been searching for ways to monetise this platform. Now it seems that it has finally decided to go ahead with its plans, starting 2020. Link.



Tesla’s Sales On Fire! Sets Record-Breaking Figures

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has said that his company is on the path to record-breaking sales this year. Tesla has managed to sell over 50,000 cars in this quarter and is set to increase its sales figures by a huge margin. In an email to his employees, published by CNBC, Elon Musk revealed the details. Tesla sells like hot-cakes in some of the countries and China too is a big market for this electric car maker.



Amazon Is Building Emotion Sensing Wearable Tech

Amazon, it seems, is pushing the boundaries of wearable tech with its new experiment. According to reports, the e-commerce behemoth is building wearable tech that can detect a user’s emotions. The wearable tech is codenamed, Dylan. Till now it’s not clear, whether this device will be used for fitness or any other purpose.



5G Could Mean Serious Harm, Warns NASA

According to NASA, the 5G technology can hamper the weather tech that’s used to detect the paths of Hurricane and forecast its path. NASA has warned that it could lead to delay in safety operations and people will have less time to respond to weather calamities. As reported by The Washinton Post. 



 Is Snapchat Snooping On Its Users?

According to reports, multiple employees at Snapchat have misused their privilege to access the private data of users. The tool they used is called ‘SnapLion.’ Some of the information that employees reportedly snooped on includes location data, phone numbers, saved snaps, and email addresses as well. According to some of the employees, these incidences took place several years ago, but they aren’t sure whether snooping is still going on or not. This isn’t the first time that a social media platform is being used by its own employee to snoop on its users.


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