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General-Files: Online File Searching Made Easy

This article will tell you about General Files online file searching. General-files are primarily software files search engine and directory related services.

File sharing on the internet has become a very frequent activity. A lot of websites allows users to upload files on the web, and then let them share the link of those files with other people who can download the files from that link.

A lot of websites like 4Shared, MediaFire, etc. offer such facility. But many times it happens that the file we download is not the file we wished to download. This is the time when websites like General-Files and General-Catalog come into play.

General-files is a big collection of files which have been uploaded elsewhere on other sites on the web. You just have to search for the filename and it will give you the full details and links of the files.  It is kind of a file search engine on the net.

What this website does is that it searches the file sharing websites for the requested files and shows the websites on which the files are available for download. All sorts of content ranging from images, television shows, movies, games , softwares, music, e-books are available for download.

General-Catalog is another sister site to general-files. It can basically be understood as a free software directory. It functions in a pretty similar way to general-files but the difference lies that you can browse the whole classified database of files, instead of mere searching for the files.

For example if you are looking for a media player, instead of searching for VLC, you can browse the softwares section of the website and look for different media players available for download free of cost.

Both these sites contain download information of over more than 700 million files and this count is increasing at a very fast rate. Overall the General Family provides a very convenient method of searching and downloading files from the internet.

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