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KissInsights: Non-Intrusive Way of Receiving Site Feedback

This article is about the free website feedback tool kissinsights. A KISSmetrics product, receive customer feedback pretty well for online service sellers.

Any website that sells some product or service keeps a check on its visiting customers and remains in constant hunt for converting any such visitor into regular site user or product buyer.

But the nature of online business is such that a small percentage of total site visitors actually convert into regular users of your service or eventual buyers of your product or subscription.

But those majority of site visitors that decide not to register as a user or buy a product from a website are ignored by most online businesses. Those leaving visitors choose to leave the website due to some reason and that ‘reason’ becomes a persistent cause for more people to visit & leave, resulting in very poor conversion rates for product/service owners.

That’s why ‘conscious’ online merchants always seek ways to receive feedback from their site visitors, asking users about various aspects of their website, product or services, in order to make constant improvement in their offering and eventually convert more visitors into regular visitors or product buyers.

KissInsights, A KISSmetrics product, does the crucial job of receiving customer/visitor feedback pretty well for online product/service sellers. When you go to this free online survey tool (yeah, it’s free!), it will take you no time to get it up and running on your site and then its all about what you want to ask your site visitors.

The best thing about this light-weight online tool for website survey and feedback lies in its non-intrusive way of asking for user feedback.  It loads pretty quick and asks the visitor with whatever query set by the website owner in a subtle manner, which doesn’t cause annoyance to the visitor and also helps website owner gather valuable data from site visitors.

There’s a paid subscription for this website feedback tool as well but that’s for advanced usage, customization options etc so you can go for it if you want to. So, give it a shot as this site feedback is totally free to use and can only benefit you with critical customer feedback.

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