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ClickMeter lets you monitor Web Traffic Precisely !

In this article we will tell you about free web analytics tool. ClickMeter might serve as an effective online tool for monitoring clicks in real-time.

Note: This review is part of an ongoing Startup Fest 2011

clickmeterFrom a tiny startup to a large corportion,almost every entity that wants to establish its identity or conduct business over web is busy running some sort of promotional campaigns on internet to grab more audiences.

Be it Search Engine Optimization(relatively Long term),Social Media promotion or Paid campaigns such as ‘AdWords'(Short term),the main motive is to bring loads of visitors to the destined website.

But when the options of bringing traffic to your site are so plenty in number,precise tracking of the traffic from various sources becomes even more essential, simply because everything remains crystal clear in front of you….’What worked’ and ‘What failed’.


So here we have a web tool that can help all those Internet marketers and Heavy duty bloggers track down their traffic sources.ClickMeter,a web analytics tool lets you track the REAL clicks on your website/blog.

They have a point when they say

“Many services that base their business on clicks such as affiliation programs or pay-per-click advertising offer you reports, but how can you trust them? There is a conflict of interest. Every day you hear new stories about click fraud.

ClickMeter offers a very simple and trustworthy way to monitor the clicks on your links.And you can trust ClickMeter.”

Hence,ClickMeter might serve as an effective online tool for monitoring clicks in real-time and therefore detect/prevent click fraud,especially when you’re spending your money on time bound/paid ad campaigns.

ClickMeter’s basic version is free to use.It’s ‘Pro’ version costs about 15 € per month with  unlimited and detailed stats plus other analytical tools. ClickMeter Beta2 can monitor up to 30 million clicks per each pro user.

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