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Free Amazon Gift Cards! – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Free Amazon Gift Cards! Only When You Get Your Body Digitally Scanned

Image Credits: Flickr itpcamp

According to an email received by one of the Mashable’s employees, the Amazon is advertising a free gift card of $25 to participants who would allow their bodies to get digitally scanned. The ads are targeted at limited places in New York. The e-commerce giant is doing this for an imaging study. The condition is that the person must provide both pictures and videos. Also, need to have pics in swimwear that’s form-fitting. Participants will get a $25 gift card for a 30-minute session of 3D digital scanning research. Reportedly, the whole experiment is related to the clothing business, as reported by Mashable.



Is AI Voice Assistant Sexist? Yes, Thinks UN

Image Credits: Flickr Steven Severinghaus

Have you ever wondered why all AI voice assistants devices have female voices? Well, until now nobody questioned this. That might change soon as the UN has taken notice of it and according to its research, it’s sexist. The report says that the AI voice assistant reinforces the stereotype that women should be docile towards men. The characteristics of female voice AI assistants that’s obliging and eager to please its owners are not acceptable in modern society. Link.



AR Porn Lenses Are Live on Snapchat, Even When They’re Banned

Image Credits: Flickr Jimmy Baikovicius

Snapchat had deleted the account of Naughty America that had developed X-rated AR lenses for Snapchat users. Despite the ban and account deletion, the company isn’t backing down. It has started distributing the source files and documents for its AR lenses. In fact, it’s encouraging the fans to build their own AR porn lenses. Link.



Is Cloud Gaming the Future? Analyst’s Forcast the Industry At $2.5 B By 2023

Cloud gaming is a new rage, it seems. The analysts have given this industry a positive rating for the near future. According to the research report, the cloud gaming industry is constantly generating staggering amounts of profits for the companies in this industry. Currently, Sony is leading the charge when it comes to consumer spending in cloud gaming. The only downside is the lagging broadband infrastructure for this sector. Link.



SpaceX’s Ingenuity For Getting US Air Force Contracts, By Simply Suing It

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has filed a lawsuit against the US Air Force, claiming that it broke the rules while awarding the rocket building contract. SpaceX wants the bid to be re-opened, according to the news reports.


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