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Florida City Will Pay $600K to Hackers – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Florida City Will Pay $600K to Hackers, Is There No Other Way?

Image Credits: Flickr Wor Pal

Riviera Beach, a Florida City with 35,000 residents is going to pay ransomware attackers approximately $600K or 65 Bitcoins. The hackers had disabled the city’s computer systems and for the last three weeks, the authorities weren’t able to rectify it. Finally, the city council voted in favour of paying the ransom to the hackers. Critics have questioned this move of paying to hackers as it doesn’t guarantee that they will remove the malware. Link.



This Is the Highest Ever Domain Sale Price, Without an Existing Product

Domains selling for multi-million dollars isn’t something new. But a domain being sold for $30 million that too without a live product is intriguing. The domain is that has been sold for such a huge sum and was owned by a bitcoin company, Previously, this title was held by So, will you hold on to your domain now? Link.



Be Careful of Business Profiles on Google Maps, What Is Google Doing?

Not just hundreds or thousands, but over a million business listings on Google maps are fake! The latest report by the Wall Street Journal has revealed. Google quickly responded on its blog stating that it fights against fake listings to provide superior services. According to the report, Google might have allowed these fake listings because of the profits that it generated. Link.



Slack on an Upswing on the First Day of Trading, Which Means …

Image Credits: Flickr Jessica Lovely

Slack, the workplace messaging and communication platform has soared 50% in value on the opening of its public trading at NYSE. Due to the surge in demand for its stock, the company is now valued at $23 billion. The interest of investors in this stock signals towards the growth of remote work industry, at least in the eye of an investor or trader. Unlike Uber, Slack has shown a positive upswing in the stock market. Link.



Would You Like Your Netflix to ‘Rumble?’ As If Playing Your Favourite Mobile Game?

Image Credits: Flickr Colossal Media

Netflix is considering haptic feedbacks such as vibrations similar to mobile gaming. You must have experienced vibrations while playing mobile games, now Netflix wants to bring the same experience in watching movies. For now it’s just an experiment and hopefully, Netflix won’t force it on all of us. What do you think? Link.


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